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One-Click Bitcoin Payments Are Now Available In 30 Countries

Primer, a global payment infrastructure provider, now allows merchants worldwide to accept bitcoin as payment through a 1-click checkout function through a partnership with OpenNode according to a press release.

OpenNode is a bitcoin payments infrastructure provider and with Primer’s leading commerce automation platform, users across the world will be able to access seamless payments using bitcoin.

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Russia Will Inevitably Legalize Crypto Payments Says Trade Minister

Russia will legalize crypto payments “sooner or later” according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov.

The country’s government has been exploring various crypto adoption plays throughout 2022, but is yet to finalize any concrete policy concerning digital asset payments. However, its legalization has been recommended by Russia’s finance ministry via its “On Digital Currency” bill from April.

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Buy The Dip, Or Wait For Max Pain? Analysts Debate Whether Bitcoin Price Has Bottomed

It has been a rough week for the cryptocurrency market, primarily because of the Terra ecosystem collapse and its knock-on effect on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and altcoin prices, plus the panic selling that took place after stablecoins lost their peg to the U.S. dollar.

The bearish headwinds for the crypto market have been building since late 2021 as the U.S. dollar gained strength and the United States Federal Reserve hinted that it would raise interest rates throughout the year.

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Goldman Sachs Gives Bitcoin Another Boost

Volatility has never been so high. After months of falling coin prices starting with bitcoin, the king of crypto, a slight rebound followed. 

But since then the prices of digital currencies have been zigzagging, unable to exceed certain symbolic thresholds. Bitcoin, for example, is struggling to rise above $50,000 despite news that shows wider acceptance.

…Goldman Sachs has just taken a new step in the crypto-related services it offers. The establishment has just made the very first lending facility backed by bitcoin.

These transactions suggest that Goldman Sachs believes cryptocurrencies are stable enough to be vouched for by large financial institutions.

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It’s Not Late-Stage Capitalism. It’s Late-Stage Fiat

We’re not in the throes of late-stage capitalism; we’re living through the late stages and the death rattle of the post-1971 fiat system. Mistaking the two (and basing solutions or policies on this mistake) is a recipe for counterproductive interventions and missed opportunities.

This is not a problem inherent to capitalism. It’s a fiat-currency problem. The binary is not capitalism vs. socialism; It’s fiat vs. sound money. Much of our politics now is concerned with solving the wrong problem and jamming our very real systemic flaws into completely inaccurate Cold War binaries.

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Putin Knows The Monetary System Is A Ponzi Scheme

Original Article By “Quoth The Raven” At ZeroHedge.com

The current fiat system has led to huge dollar imbalances and has enabled the US to live beyond its means at the expense of the rest of the world given our ability to borrow debt so cheaply. While Russia’s move into the Ukraine has strategic rationale for Russia including access to ports and commodities, we believe that this monetary issue is also a reason for Russia’s actions.

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Five Reasons Bitcoin Will Replace Credit Cards

Contrary to some predictions, Bitcoin is quickly becoming an accepted means of conducting transactions. Major companies like online retailer Overstock.com and mobile provider AT&T already allow customers to pay in bitcoin. And the list of businesses accepting bitcoin keeps growing every day.

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What Is Driving Institutions To Invest In crypto? BlockFi’s David Olsson Explains

In an interview with Cointelegraph reporter Joe Hall last Tuesday, David Olsson, global head of institutional distribution at BlockFi, shared his insight on the state of institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. BlockFi is a financial services company that offers retail wealth management products, such as crypto-backed loans, interest accounts, Bitcoin (BTC) rewards credit cards, etc. Meanwhile, for institutional investors, BlockFi’s proprietary platform provides financing for capital efficiency, the ability to borrow coins for hedging and shorting, and institutional-grade trading infrastructure.

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