Author: Nate Houstman

Why You Never Feel Good Enough

Psych2Go is a YouTube channel with tremendous amounts of reassuring content. In this video, they list 7 reasons you may not feel good enough. It’s normal to criticize oneself and want to do better in life, but too much criticism can hold you back from actual self improvement. Listen to these reasons and realize things aren’t as bad as you think. Licensed professionals will help you move forward.

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Bitcoin Reaches All Time Highs: Why Established Institutions Are Getting In

In this video, Sky News Australia reports on Bitcoin from the mainstream point of view. Members of the younger generations are turning to cryptocurrency because it suits their needs better than the old systems. Also, traditional banks and investment firms are testing Bitcoin as an asset class to include in their portfolios. This might be the year that Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology reach mainstream acceptance.

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Scientific Proof That People Can Spot Fake News

This video by the YouTube creator Aidyn Paladin explains the uselessness of “fake news” warnings and “fact checking” on social media. By citing scientific studies going back from 1984, to the present day, she proves that over 90% of people know when, and when not to, trust the media. In fact, warning labels and censorship encourage information gathering. Watch the full video below.

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