Original Article By “AOF” At AmericanThinker.com:

We reside in Ohio and were front and center of the special election for Issue 1 in Ohio on August 8, 2023.  This issue was to make amendments to the Ohio Constitution more difficult.  Making things more difficult for the government to accomplish anything is a good thing for citizens regardless of the issue.

This issue was marketed by both sides of the issue incorrectly and deceptively. The Pro side stated that it was Pro-Gun, Pro-Family, etc.  Blatant flag waving.  The Con side continuously stated that approval of Issue 1 would reduce our rights, eliminate “one person/ one vote” and “shred the Constitution.”  The contents of the Issue were clear and concise if one only went to the Secretary of State’s website and read for themselves.  There were many people who voted against Issue 1 (a majority) that are Pro-life, Pro- 2nd Amendment and Pro-family.  These voters voted against their own interests and beliefs.  The failure of Issue 1 now creates the opportunity to advance abortion parameters to late term, trans-gender rights in our public schools and a variety of other issues.  The failure of Issue 1 has now weakened Ohio and began the process of turning our state Blue and on the model of Illinois and California.

If Ohio voters had just taken the time to read the simple issue, the outcome would have been drastically different.  Instead, the Ohio voter chose to listen to the advertisements and social media posts promising the Apocalypse and now have a State Constitution that is vulnerable to special-interest pressure. The Con side won and won dirty. 

The moral of this story is for every voter to do their own study regarding proposed laws and bills.  It is not difficult and required by all levels of government to disclose prior to an election. Without the basic research, every voter is susceptible to the propaganda, deception and “sales pitch” of every special interest and will have to bear the consequences of their votes.  Uncharacteristically, Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose post-election statement said it best:

“I’m grateful that nearly 1.3 million Ohioans stood with us in this fight, but this is only one battle in a long war. Unfortunately, we were dramatically outspent by dark money billionaires from California to New York, and the giant ‘for sale’ sign still hangs on Ohio’s constitution. Ohioans will see the devastating impact of this vote soon enough. The radical activists that opposed Issue 1 are already planning amendments to shut parents out of a child’s life-altering medical procedure, force job killing wage mandates on small businesses, prevent law abiding citizens from protecting their families and remove critical protections for our first responders. I’ve said for months now that there’s an assault coming on our constitution, and that hasn’t changed. I’m just getting started in the fight to protect Ohio’s values.”

Ohioans and all other citizens of the United States, study and learn before you vote or don’t complain when Ohio is unrecognizable.