Original Article By “Portfolio Armor” At ZeroHedge.com:

Here are some of the most insightful initial reactions to Trump’s latest indictment. In a subsequent post, we may drill down bit more into the indictment itself. 

The Ricky Vaughn Connection

The Biden DOJ’s indictment of a meme-maker was the first shot in its lawfare campaign against Trump.

For readers who don’t recall Ricky Vaughn:

The Indictment

Thoughts on the absurdity of it. 

The Timing

Indictments end Biden crime news cycles. 

The Judge

‘Objective’ justice can only exist in a coherent society where disagreements are ultimately trivial. Then passions won’t dictate rulings.

That’s not this society. The mass migration, polarization, means that’s over. This judge wouldn’t even understand objective justice. https://t.co/h4jQ6qTKqI— FischerKing (@FischerKing64) August 2, 2023


Reactions to DeSantis’s response to the indictment.

The Bright Side

Former Trump staffer Darren Beattie predicts the Supreme Court will ultimately toss the indictment.

If Trump had no chance of winning in 2024, why would they keep coming after him?