Original Article By Monica Showalter At AmericanThinker.com:

Is China positioning its soldiers on U.S. soil in preparation for a conflict with the U.S.?

That’s what one congressman has warned.

According to JustTheNews:

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., on Wednesday said China is likely sending military personnel into the United States across the southern border.

At a press conference announcing an investigation into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Green said there are “Chinese Nationals, many of whom are military-aged men” with ties to the Chinese Communist Party who have crossed the southern border and been released into the United States.

“We have no idea who these people are and it’s very likely, using Russia’s template of sending military personnel into Ukraine, China is doing the same in the United States,” Green also said.

The revelation came from a Border Patrol sector chief, Green said, adding that he expects a classified briefing on the matter in the near future.

It sounds fantastical, the figment of a fevered mind seeing Chinese conspiracies all over the place.

But there’s reason to think it’s not. The information is correlated with a striking rise in Chinese illegal border-crossers into the U.S. through our southern border — some 10,000 from October 2022, the beginning of the federal fiscal year, through April 2023, a sharp rise compared to about 2,000 who arrived from the same period last year.

Virtually all of them are military-aged young men.  Might that just be the plan?  Green’s point, that this was how Russia began its offensive against Ukraine, is likely important — this is the new style of warfare for nations that mean to win, at least, and the Chinese are famous for copycatting.

Getting out of China, an openly communist country, is not an easy matter, even for those with high social credit scores.  You can bet that those who have actually challenged the regime do not have high social credit scores to be permitted to so much as buy a plane ticket out of the country and would very likely be denied passports or exit routes.  So all who didn’t have trouble getting out of China in order to turn up at the U.S.’s open border need extra scrutiny, which they are not getting.

There’s additional evidence that the Chinese military is getting itself into the U.S., too.

Journalist Michael Yon reported two weeks ago that Chinese migrants heading into the U.S. from Panama’s Darien Gap were seen conducting a chicken blood–drinking ritual, which is something China’s special forces do as a rite of passage. 

Chinese special forces, as well as Chinese spies, as Yon noted in his interview with Emerald Robinson, were getting into the U.S. because the U.S. was letting them in. 

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting what China has already done suggests its invasion intentions.

They’ve brazenly surveilled the U.S. using what they claimed was a weather balloon blown off course last February, taking that weather balloon all over the U.S. heartland until the Biden administration was pressured by the public into shooting it down.  Might that knowledge be of use to an army now sitting in place, awaiting its orders from Beijing?

They’ve also brazenly set up police stations on U.S. soil, making themselves a sovereign state within somebody else’s sovereign state, and using it to threaten dissidents, among other things.  The FBI shut down a few of these stations — and the rest, so far as is known, are still operating with impunity.

Something is going on with this activity.  On a historic basis, China knows all about the importance of walls for keeping foreign invaders out.  The flip-side is that it would also know all about how foolish those are who don’t understand this lesson from Chinese history.  They would know how to take advantage. 

That’s just the baseline, for starters.

What use might paramilitary Chinese forces in place in the U.S. be?

Well, if China means to take Taiwan by force, which they have shown all intentions of doing, disrupting U.S. support for Taiwan, would likely be paramount. Chinese paramilitaries could blow up supply lines, target ammo factories, disrupt electricity, water, and gas lines, and black out the internet as war aims while they engaged in their operation against Taiwan.  They could even blow up food factories or set agricultural production centers on fire.  We see a lot of that already, with no explanations forthcoming.

Usually, the Russians, who have plenty of motivation, given the U.S. support for Ukraine, are suspected, but the Chinese are Russia’s ally now, and they are similarly motivated.  Might that be happening?

Perhaps we will find out through Congress because we sure as heck aren’t going to be finding out much from China-compromised Joe Biden.

What it suggests is that a war with China may be far closer than thought, as well as right here on U.S. soil, which hasn’t happened in any major way since the Civil War.

That’s a major shift, and it’s critical that Congressman Green and all other patriots in the House follow up on this matter as expeditiously as possible.