In this YouTube video, the channel Midnight’s Edge explains how Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards are forcing major companies to push far left ideology, against the wishes of mainstream customers.

Midnight’s Edge is a pop culture channel with political analysis. In the video, the host Andre recaps the cringe Bud Light commercial starring Dylan Mulvaney and the disaster it wreaked on Anheuser Busch’s sales. Dylan Mulvaney is a transgender social media influencer, in a time when the trans community has imposed its will on other individuals in society. Whereas the gay and lesbian community gained acceptance with a live-and-let live argument, the trans movement is disrupting women’s sports and tricking impressionable minors into bodily mutilation. This has led to backlash from mainstream America against any and all transgender propaganda.

The video goes on to explain how major corporations rely on loans and lines of credit to stay in business, even when those companies expect profits. Sales aren’t continuous, so corporations need cash or credit on hand to meet their obligations 7 days a week.

Banks and financial institutions provide these lines of credit, and until recent years, they only required companies to be fiscally responsible. But along came ESG, pushed by giant banks on behalf of globalist organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum. ESG requires companies to adopt far left marketing and hiring practices based on race and gender rules, regardless of an individual’s merit.

The Bud Light drama is the most obvious example of this corruption, but it shows us why corporations across the board are going off the rails. Entertainment companies like Disney have also experienced customer backlash, but won’t correct course as long as ESG is imposed on them.