Original Article By Cindy Harper At ReclaimTheNet.org:

Privacy-focused search engine Brave Search has announced it has ditched all third-party indexes like Bing and will be exclusively using its own. The move appears to be an effort to stop relying on technology solutions provided by Big Tech.

“By default, Brave Search users will now receive 100% of results from the Brave Index, giving users fully independent results. As always, our results will preserve user privacy,” Brave said in a blog post announcing the move.

When the company introduced Brave Search in 2021, it acknowledged that it was relying on other indexes for about 13% of search queries. Last year, it said that the number dropped to 7%.

The company said that tools like the Web Discovery Project, which allowed Brave browser users to send anonymous data to develop Brave’s index, helped the company stop using third-party indexes.

Brave also announced its own search API, but said details will be revealed later.