Original Article By “Commodore Vanderbilt” At NotTheBee.com:

More mass layoffs for a large, woke corporation.

This time Disney announced a second massive round of layoffs, which will now bring the total of employees fired by The Mouse House up to 4,000 amid a very rough economic time.

Oh, and there’s a third wave coming before the summer.

Disney plans to fire at least 7,000 employees total by then, in a move to purportedly save the company $5.5 billion.

The newest layoff wave, which begins today and ends Thursday, will affect companies owned by Disney, including sports network ESPN, and will affect only non-hourly employees (and won’t touch workers at Disney’s theme parks).

The third wave of layoffs, which is coming sometime in the next couple of months, will see another 3,000 fired from the entertainment company as Bob Iger tries to get the company back on track.