Original Article By Jason Rantz At MyNorthwest.com:

As Republicans warned, Washington state Democrats are taking advantage of the partisan and racist Supreme Court ruling redefining a capital gains tax as an excise tax. Democrats hope to tax specific job salaries at the behest of healthcare workers’ unions. But you’d be naïve to think they’ll stop there.

The so-called “excess compensation tax” comes from SB 5767, sponsored by State Senators Christine Rolfes and Emily Randall. It would pose a 7.5% “excise tax” on hospital administrator jobs that Democrats deem overpaid. The bill defines “excess compensation” as one that exceeds 10 times the average annual wage of workers statewide, as published by the Employment Security Department. The tax revenue would be used to “advance health equity” and fund abortion.

Since when is it the business of Democrats to determine what salaries are in excess? In excess of what? Some subjective number determined by a mix of independently wealthy lawmakers who know they can write themselves out of future taxes and middle-income activists who know they’ll never be subject to the tax? This is a blatant abuse of our system of government and a dramatic overreach. But don’t expect the current make-up of the State Supreme Court to intervene.

Blame the abusive tax on Democrats

When the Supreme Court used a racist, non-legal lens to greenlight a clearly unconstitutional income tax via the capital gains tax, it intended to allow Democrats in the state Legislature to target taxes on the wealthy. This is an income tax that they’re redefining as an excise tax and they’re doing it with Supreme Court approval.

Right now, Democrats are targeting hospital administrators because it allows them to justify even more funding of abortions, but also because they have a mutually beneficial relationship with various unions that represent healthcare workers. Democrats give the unions what they want, and they get support and help with their campaigns. It’s disgusting.

Democrats excuse these outrageous taxes by complaining of an unjust and regressive tax system that disproportionately impacts low-income residents, though the focus is usually more on low-income black and Latino taxpayers because it earns the lawmakers social status as woke heroes. But Democrats are the ones who imposed the regressive taxes on the poor and they do nothing to lessen the burden. Democrats didn’t introduce legislation offering anyone tax relief along with this new tax. They have little interest in tax relief for anyone. They just want more money.

Democrats are tax addicts and you’re next

Democrats are addicted to spending our tax dollars. They hope to redistribute wealth and there’s only so much wealth they’ll get from a handful of hospital administrators. It would be a sad error in judgment to mistake this abusive tax as a one-off. It would be a bigger error to assume they’ll stop here. They’ll come for us all, eventually.

Why assume Democrats will stop at taxing certain salaries? Why wouldn’t they try to limit what certain positions make or target certain industries that they don’t earn support from? You can easily foresee a 100% “excise tax” on salaries beyond a certain threshold. The median Seattle salary is $110,000. You don’t think Democrats consider that enough to label you wealthy? Democrats are just starting with the wealthiest because they’ve been successful in demonizing them as undeserving of the wealth they’ve accumulated. They know the irredeemably left-wing voter won’t push back. And by the time those voters realize they’re next, it’ll likely be too late.