Original Article By ThePostMillennial.com:

Portland grocer Green Zebra is shutting down its 3 locations after ten years in business.

The health-conscious convenience store was founded in 2013 and cited supply chain and economic factors in its decision to shutter.

Green Zebra’s Founder and CEO Lisa Sedlar told Fox 12, “We have been holding on by a thread since the pandemic started and have been in austerity mode since then. We experienced 9 straight quarters of increases to our cost of goods, packaging, fuel, insurance, taxes, freight charges and well, pretty much everything.”

“Combine that with supply chain and staffing shortages and razor-thin grocery margins, we just couldn’t overcome all the obstacles,” she added.

“We definitely gave it our all and fought the good fight. We are thankful for the opportunity to have been in service to our community.”

According to the outlet, Green Zebra has partnered with over 100 local nonprofits over the last decade to give back to the community.

Sedlar added, “We would appreciate it if our customers would continue to shop with us in the coming weeks as we wind down. People often ask me if shopping local makes a difference and my answer is a resounding YES! Now more than ever small businesses need our support. Thank you in advance for voting with your dollars to support local businesses.”

Green Zebra’s three stores will be closed on March 31.