Original Article By “bigbear51” At NicheGamer.com:

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced she will be stepping down from her role in the company after a long tenure at Google.

She has been with Google as a whole for 25 years in various roles such as VP of ads and sales and up until now was the CEO of YouTube for nine years.

In her letter to YouTube employees, which has also been posted publicly, she states she is stepping back to focus “on [her] family, health, and personal projects”.

During her time as YouTube CEO, the site has been one of the most popular websites and has been the most popular video streaming platform, with many finding the ability to finacially support themselves by being creators.

Of course this didn’t come without controversy either, with multiple decisions made that upset large portions of the userbase.

Some examples include the removal of showing dislikes under a video, censorship of videos either due to a poor copyright system or otherwise, and monetization issues.

During her announcement of stepping down, Neal Mohan was announced to be her successor. He had formerly been serving as the company’s chief product officer.