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Some companies have reported a majority of video game sales in 2022 were done digitally, rather than through physical releases.

Based on data shown (via Games Industry), it appears this is an industry trend and that some of those previously reported companies actually are still selling more physically in comparison.

According to the data, 94.2% of video game sales were done through digital stores instead of physical, or “boxed” sales, as it’s mentioned in their data.

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The physical sales data only accounted for a measly 5.8% in comparison. It should be noted that this is skewed with some companies continuing to not provide sales data through their digital services.

Another thing to note is that the data appears to be heavily skewed due to PC gamers, where digital sales dominate with 98% of sales being done digitally via PC.

Console games, in comparison, are less pronounced with 72% of sales being done through digital storefronts.

It’s important to understand that the data taken is based on video game sales revenue rather than total units sold. Though for companies, this is an important indication of future trends so that they can adjust, there are some factors which skew the numbers against physical sales.

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This includes the aforementioned PC sales numbers, where most options for gaming are digital only with popular storefronts such as Steam and GOG.

Another factor is the rise of indie games, most of which are sold with no physical options as their budget usually cannot produce physical units, so consumers have no alternatives when wishing to purchase those games.