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Matt Taibbi is doing the next installment from the Twitter Files, in which the manipulative social media company now exposed as having interfered with elections banned a sitting world leader from the platform for talking about election results.

It is the second most egregious violation of the principles of free speech and non-partisan moderation in the company’s history, the first being the censorship of the Hunter Biden story in concert with the Democrats and Joe Biden’s campaign.

31. In one case, former Arizona governor Mike Huckabee joke-tweets about mailing in ballots for his “deceased parents and grandparents.” pic.twitter.com/Sj5vALHdhT

— Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) December 10, 2022


The thread goes on. Here’s one more highlight, proving President Trump did NOT incite an insurrection on January 6, but Twitter scrambled to silence him:

The thread ends with these entries, promising more to come: