Original Article By Amber Crawford At 100PercentFedUp.com:

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsanaro, was [supposedly] defeated in Sunday’s presidential election by far-Left opponent Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula). Lula overtook Bolsanaro by less than two percentage points.

Tucker Carlson questioned the narrow race on his Fox News segment “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where he revealed that YouTube announced it will be “censoring any posts that raise doubts about the vote total.” So, not only are Brazilians not allowed to question the election results but neither are Americans.

In a statement, YouTube said they are “expanding [their] existing election integrity policy to prohibit content advancing false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in the 2022 Brazil presidential election.”

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“The election is still ongoing,” Carlson pointed out, questioning YouTube’s new censorship announcement. “The incumbent has not conceded. How do you know the claims are, quote, false? Well of course you don’t. You are taking sides and using censorship to cement the results in place. This is propaganda. YouTube is interfering in a democratic election in a sovereign nation.”

“Why can’t an American citizen watch whatever he or she wants to?” Tucker asked.

Carlson also accused the CIA of interfering in the Brazilian election for over a year and pressuring President Bolsanaro’s office to not question the election results.

Carlson pointed out that the Biden administration, which has been “constantly yammering on about the sanctity of democracy and free and fair elections” has been “meddling in the elections of other countries… specifically the elections of Brazil.”

“Biden’s CIA director personally pressured Jair Bolsanaro’s office… to accept the results of the election long before the election took place,” Carlson reported.

Carlson argued that, in a democracy, there is no obligation to “accept the results of an unfair election.”

“No one in Brazil is allowed to complain about it because big tech companies, which have been effectively arms of the Biden administration for two years, are censoring anyone who questions the election,” Carlson said. “This is massive suppression.”

Matt Tyrmand, an investigative journalist, joined Carlson on his show to talk about Brazil’s election results and confirmed that the Biden administration has admitted to having the CIA director “bully the president of a sovereign country.”

Tyrmand revealed that the Biden regime “doesn’t even think it’s a big deal,” but rather, they think it’s what they should be doing to secure “democracy.”

“In addition to the CIA director, now [the Biden administration] is talking about sending [national security advisor] Jake Sullivan down there… to make sure the transition is orderly,” revealed Tyrmand.

“These people are losing their voices,” Tyrmand said, “and the Biden administration says nothing.”