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Half of all business owners (50%) disapprove of the U.S. federal government’s decisions regarding the Russia-Ukraine War. And 67% say those policies have adversely affected their already-challenging business recoveries. 

Here are additional highlights of Alignable’s War Opinion Poll, conducted among 6,453 randomly selected small business owners from 3/22/22 to 4/13/22.

SMBs Disapprove of Feds’ Russia War Policies

  • The No. 1 problem 53% of SMBs would like the feds to fix is skyrocketing inflation, which has only grown more severe after war sanctions.
  • Only 18% of small business owners approve of the way the Biden administration has reacted to the war. That approval rating is 3% worse than Biden’s 21% approval rating by SMBs just two months ago.
  • 38% called the policies “very ineffective,” noting that they have just damaged the U.S. economy without helping Ukrainians. 
  • While 24% say they have donated supplies and/or money to international organizations helping Ukrainian refugees, 46% said, unfortunately, they’re unable to donate anything to the refugees because of their own significant financial challenges.
  • 75% of SMBs in AZ expressed disapproval of the war policies, along with 61% in Ohio, 54% in PA, 52% in TX and 50% in FL. Only 38% of NY-based SMBs disapprove.
  • SMBs across many industries took issue with the policies, especially given gas price spikes — 71% in the automotive sector, 60% in aviation, and 59% of plumbers.
  • Several poll-takers’ quotes supported reopening the Keystone pipeline to reduce or eliminate our energy dependence on foreign powers.

To see more results of Alignable’s War Opinion Poll, click here.

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