Original Article By Awr Hawkins At Breitbart.com

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) rallied behind the Democrat effort to ban so-called “ghost guns” following Tuesday’s subway attack.

It is not known where or how the attacker acquired his gun, but Adams made clear that a ban on so-called “ghost guns” should be part of the response.

Young Americans for Liberty tweeted video of Adams talking to CNN about the issue of crime. “The problem we’re facing is the problem that’s hitting our entire nation right now, and that is why this is a national response. We need a national response to this crime,” he said.

Adams pointed out that police officers have removed “1,800 guns” from NYC streets during the past three months, then added, “We’re going to continue to do our jobs but there is some assistance that’s going to be needed in our city.”

He then pointed to what he believes to be the need to “empower ATF” and “[make] ‘ghost guns’ illegal.”

Adams also suggested that part of the fight against crime includes confirming President’s Biden’s latest nominee to direct the ATF.

That nominee, Steve Dettelbach, was Barack Obama’s Harvard Law School classmate. The Daily Mail observed that Dettelbach espoused support for “an assault weapons ban and universal background checks” during an “unsuccessful” bid to become attorney general of Ohio in 2018.

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