Original Article By Julian Conradson At TheGatewayPundit.com

After months of theatrics, abuses of power, unconstitutional imprisonment, and partisan chicanery, Nancy Pelosi’s bogus 1/6 witch hunt committee is reportedly seeking to criminalize GOP fundraising efforts that concern election integrity.

As of last week, the Democrat comprised committee is now boasting to the fake news media that it has been actively “tracing” every dollar donated to, or spent on, GOP fundraising campaigns in an effort to track down donors who believe the 2020 presidential election was rigged – spoiler alert: it was. Without the unfettered and unregulated mass mail-in ballots, Trump would have won in a landslide – and he may have even done so anyway, even in spite of the coordinated fraud that was pulled off in key states like WisconsinArizonaGeorgiaPennsylvaniaNevada, and others.

Time Magazine even came out and bragged about the secretive elitist cabal that worked behind the scenes with Zuckerberg and others to rig the outcome of the election in 2020. This was a full-fledged effort by the powers at be to torpedo Trump’s second term in office, and they want you to know it – just don’t say anything about it.

Nevertheless, the federal government, led by Pelosi’s witch hunt commission, is targeting conservatives who dare to question the approved narrative regardless of their involvement on 1/6. Any American citizen who donates towards safeguarding elections is now, presumably, being monitored by Pelosi and her goons in one of the most egregious constitutional violations by the committee to date.

As part of the illegal overreach, the committee seeks to access the private financial records of donors and candidates and punish them, claiming, baselessly, that fundraising in support of election integrity may constitute wire fraud.

This latest abuse of power was highlighted earlier this week by the Washington Post, which cheered on the tactics as a benign way to “uncover every detail of what happened that day” [1/6], despite the obvious targeting of law-abiding citizens who support election integrity and weren’t at the Capitol on 1/6. The Washington Post even goes as far as blaming fundraising efforts as a reason for the events of that day, claiming repeatedly that the notion the election was stolen is false – without providing a shred of evidence to support it.

In short, this effort by Pelosi and the rest of her committee to track down donors against their first amendment rights has nothing to do with finding out what happened that day – it’s just the DC Swamp’s latest effort to punish dissent.

From the Washington Post:

“It [the 1/6 committee] has also been focused on another part of its inquiry that panel members said is of equal importance to the success of the investigation — tracing every dollar that was raised and spent on false claims that the election was stolen.

The questioning is part of an effort by the committee’s “green team” to scrutinize whether the Trump campaign, its affiliated super PACs, the Republican National Committee and protest organizers knowingly used false claims that the election was stolen to dupe donors and raise large sums of cash, according to people involved in the probe and witnesses who have appeared before the committee who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the panel’s work.

Specifically, the panel has focused on whether violations of federal wire fraud laws occurred when individuals raised funds by promoting the idea that the election was stolen while knowing the claims were false.

Officials with the committee said the day’s events cannot be viewed in a vacuum — and argued that the fundraising and political appeals that happened in the months leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, are a reason the pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol. ‘These people knew the claims they were making about the election were false but still sent emails anyways because it was an effective way to raise money,’ a person familiar with the investigation said.”

Not only is it false to claim that there were no issues with the election in 2020 – there were many, even on top of the mail-in ballot scheme – but the fact that claims to the contrary are being sought out and punished is completely insane. In addition to going against the constitution, the left has been crying wolf about the 2016 election being stolen and debunked Russia-Trump collusion nonsense for almost a full six years now! How much money was raised off of those knowingly false claims? And yet, no donors or candidates are being looked into for wire fraud.

The left, who raised countless millions off of the Russia collusion delusion, is way past hypocrisy on this one, as Mollie Hemmingway points out over at The Federalist. According to her, if crying wolf on election fraud were actually a crime, “the entire Democrat party and much of the media establishment” – and many RINOS, I might add – “would be in prison.”

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