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Pop superstar Britney Spears explained the horrific systemic abuse and the harm she faced under her 13-year conservatorship. Including sexual humiliation, strictly regimented schedules, weekly blood transfusions, and drug cocktails.

She explained everything in a cryptic Instagram post this Sunday. Spears shared how her freedom was taken from her and was subjected to cruel and bizarre practices, including weekly 8 gallons of blood transfusion and sexual embarrassment!

The superstar added that she was no more than a puppet to her handlers, her father, and now she’s asking to get justice.

it’s okay to lock your daughter up and make her work 7 days a week … 8:00 am to 6:00 pm … no days off … 105 people are in and out of a small trailer home  weekly … No private baths  … seen naked when changing … drugged … can’t even speak or talk … has to be available to the treatment people and show up every day for 10 hours a day … if not will have to stay longer … never given a date on when you can leave … 9:00 pm bed every night … like 8 gallons of blood weekly … this happened to me for 4 months after I worked for my dad and my family for 13 fucking years … I gave my all when I worked only to be literally thrown away … I was nothing more than a puppet to my family yet to the public I just performed on stage and did what I was told to do … but it was worse than that because it was accepted and approved by the people I loved the most  … Looks are deceiving …. I must have it nice on vacations lol !!!! After 13 years damn straight I should go !!! I was treated less than, demoralized and embarrassed … nobody should ever be treated the way I was …. The reason I bring this up is because ending the conservatorship is a huge deal but come on … THAT’S IT ??? They all got away with it !!! If you’ve ever been in shock  for 4 months … threatened for your life … you would be upset too … I’m not done … I want justice and won’t stop until something is done to those who harmed me … and YES I was harmed !!!! This is a message to all who have been threatened for their life … You are NOT ALONE !!!!

Her music videos depict occult and Illuminati symbols, like the song Slumber Party music video, 2016.

Watch the video by “SaltyCracker” below.

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