Original Article By Jacob Paul At Express.Co.UK

Russia’s state-owned energy giant, Gazprom, cut off gas transiting through the Yamal-Europe pipeline on Friday. It comes after Gazprom restarted its delivery of natural gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe pipeline to Germany from Poland on Thursday. It had booked 7.8 million kilowatt-hours per hour of gas transit capacity via the pipeline for Friday morning until Saturday morning.

Since December, Russia had been sending the Yamal-Europe gas flows in reverse to the east.

The move saw prices skyrocket, surpassing October records that also came from gas squeezes.

But Gazprom agreed to resume transiting gas from Poland to Germany via the pipeline after demand soared.

European natural gas prices skyrocketed again to a record high above €200 (£165) per megawatt-hour.

Russia has been ramping up its gas deliveries to Europe in recent weeks despite its “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine.

But now, it appears Germany’s gas has been slashed yet again.

The pipeline between Poland and Germany is usually responsible for around 15 percent of Russia’s westbound deliveries to Europe.

Russia supplies 40 percent of Europe’s natural gas, making the Yamal pipeline a key route for its supplies to reach the continent.

Putin has still committed to supplying gas to the rest of the world despite harsh sanctions slapped over Moscow over its brutal attack on Ukraine.

But the EU is now looking at ways to slash its dependency on Russia’s gas so it can rid its remaining ties with Putin.

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