Original Article By Kyle Becker At Beckernews.com

The Wisconsin Assembly has voted in the affirmative to pass a privileged resolution to withdraw the state’s 10 electors who were slated to have cast their votes for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

The announcement of the privileged resolution, as well as the present members who voted unanimously to pass it, can be viewed below.

The privileged resolution to withdraw the Biden electors will now proceed to the Wisconsin Rules Committee in the Wisconsin Assembly and to the Wisconsin Senate. The legislation was introduced by Rep. Timothy Ramthun.

Assembly rules committee members: Representative Steineke (Chair), Representative Vos, Representative August, Representative Petersen, Representative Vorpagel, Representative Kuglitsch, Representative Tittl, Representative Plumer, Representative Dittrich, Representative Neubauer, Representative Hesselbein, Representative Spreitzer, Representative Subeck, Representative Pope and Representative Baldeh.

On Friday, State Rep. Ramthun published a guide to his “Resolution to Reclaim” explaining why he believed the state’s elections should be drastically reformed and why the Biden electors should be reclaimed.

“This resolution lists a series of evidentiary events that all associate to the fraudulent nature surrounding the 2020 General Election in Wisconsin, and offers solutions to the issues it addresses,” it says.

  • These events lead to justification of the action to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electoral ballots.
  • We then compile a list of legal and expert interpretations that validate this action is both justifiable and constitutional.
  • It is within the legislatures power to do so, and it falls upon the legislature to resolve the matter.

Ramthun also cited as grievances the “Zuckerberg” drop boxes, the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s rulings, the rush to certify votes, “statistically impossible” results, errors in the Wisconsin voter database, canvas irregularities, deleting log file data, and lab audit results.

“Whereas, the audit report of the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau identified 44,272 voters who did not provide proper voter identification in the 2020 general election, revealed the mass increase of indefinitely confined voters from 4,505 in 2019 to 169,901 in 2020, and also revealed 28.7% of all municipal clerks across all 72 counties used illegal drop boxes, and made 30 recommendations for the Elections Commission to rectify their actions,” the report states.

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) on Friday asked U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland for a Justice Department investigation into 10 Republican electors who had allegedly submitted paperwork last year saying former President Donald Trump had won in battleground Wisconsin.

“Resident” Joe Biden carried Wisconsin by just under 21,000 votes. The Republicans defended the move by saying they were submitting the votes in case Trump’s loss was overturned in the courts.

Pocan argued the Justice Department should act “to deter other officials who may seek to engage in election fraud.” The representative urged Garland to act quickly “for Wisconsin, for the Department, and for the nation.”

The Democratic Party is clearly more concerned about criminalizing those who accuse them of election fraud than actually investigating the widely perceived issue. The extreme reaction that the Democratic Party have to such allegations is only fueling suspicion that something was indeed very wrong with the 2020 election.

The Wisconsin bill thus forces the issue back into the national conversation, whether the Democrats like it or not.