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The Democrats’ favorite Republicans are Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney and the Republicans’ favorite Democrats are Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

The Democrats can’t seem to win anything.

Biden and Schumer decided it was time to push through their Voter Fraud Election Bill but to no avail. Once again they failed to pressure Joe Manchin into going along with them. Hopefully, they will pressure him right out of the Democratic party.

In order to pass their bill, they had to first kill the filibuster. But. Manchin is no fool. If they kill the filibuster, when the Republicans win back the Senate in 2022 they could really go to town.

First, they repeal the voting bill and then pass a series of anti-illegal immigration bills, outlaw abortion, defund PBS and NPR, and a whole series of other conservative wish list items.

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They killed the filibuster for judges and that allowed Trump to pick three Supreme Court justices. Some of what is in the voting bill would probably be tossed out by the Supreme Court anyway since The Constitution gives the states the right to decide on how to run their own elections. Voter ID and the banning of ballot harvesting would be two prime examples.

I’m not at all certain that the killing of the filibuster would have passed anyway, as Democrats Jon Tester and Mark Kelly were not keen on the idea. In all likelihood, they would have had to pass an exception of the filibuster rule specific to the bill in order to get enough support to pass it.

From The Daily Caller

With a total filibuster repeal that would allow Democrats to pass legislation without any GOP support all but certain to fail, Democrats have floated adjusting the rule in a smaller capacity in hopes that more senators might offer their support. Manchin said that any changes to Senate rules should have at least two-thirds support, meaning that at least 17 Republicans would have to agree if he does not waiver.

Manchin’s comments came as Schumer took to the floor to criticize Republicans and the election reform bills that GOP legislatures have adopted in multiple states which he alleged make it harder for non-white to vote.

Georgia is one of those states Schumer said the Republican bills would make it harder for minorities to vote, but in the 2021 election, a record number of minorities voted under the new law.