Original Article By Mr. Milo At PiratesAndPrincesses.net

It just seems to keep getting worse for Black Widow. The film that not only didn’t do that well at the theatrical box office and resulted in a lawsuit against the company by the film’s lead actress, but also didn’t do as well as the company had originally hoped on the Disney Plus Premier Access Program. But now a HUGE oversight from Disney may have cost them over half a billion in lost revenue.

The film released in late June of 2021 and received $379.6 Million at the worldwide box office. The exact same day the film was released on Disney Plus as part of the same-day-release Premier Access program for the Disney Plus streaming service. For only $30 you could rent the film. Disney said they made about $30 Million of those sales, about 1 Million buys, but those numbers are heavily debated.

Overall the film made less than expected compared to other MCU films. Even Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and The Eternals each earned over $400 Million. But something definitely impacted the film’s box office intake. Piracy.

According to Deadline, just two weeks after the film released theatrically and saw a major dip in ticket sales, there was reportedly 20 Million illegal downloads of the film online. That equates to about $600 Million in Premier Access revenue.

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