Rightful First Lady Melania Trump tweeted celebration of the anniversary of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block on January 3rd. The Genesis Block is the very first block on the Bitcoin blockchain network, in other words, Bitcoin’s birthplace. It was the first computer to run the Bitcoin program. That Melania would voice support of Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, is a special glimpse into the Trump camp’s plans to fight corruption.

Donald Trump has supposedly criticized Bitcoin, and called it “dangerous” in a recent interview. He didn’t say for whom it’s dangerous. The 45th president has to be very careful in who and what he publicly supports. While he openly criticizes many politicians and figures, and openly praises others, there are still some scandals and plots to be exposed. Trump knows the threat posed by central banks and fiat currencies, but they need to be revealed to the world organically.

With Melania congratulating Bitcoin on its birthday, as well as launching a line of NFTs, she is showing us her circle is not entirely opposed to blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. Sound money like Bitcoin, or gold and silver, will be the key to economic prosperity in the future.

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