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The prevailing narrative about the Capitol Riot that occurred on January 6, 2021 is that it was a spontaneous event that the authorities did not see coming and could not have adequately prepared for.

Despite the advance notice for weeks that ‘far-right’ extremist groups planned to descend on the capitol for the Electoral College certification of the 2020 election results, the National Guard maintained a light footprint due to a purported fear of “optics.” The Capitol Police went so far as to swing open barricades, hold doors open to the Capitol building, wave protesters into the building, and stand idly by as unarmed characters defiled the Senate chamber with their presumably unwanted presence.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, we have since learned since this surreal event, had infiltrated these groups and were monitoring events on the ground. Text messages from January 6 have been revealed in court showing that members of the far-right groups at the riots were not doing so according to the ‘orders’ of Donald Trump — although some disparate MAGA moms believed that to be the case.

It gets even worse. A year later, on January 3, 2022, it has been revealed that the FBI had been training for a contingency such as the Capitol Riots days ahead of the event. Newsweek reported on this in an exclusive:

On Sunday, January 3, the heads of a half-dozen elite government special operations teams met in Quantico, Virginia, to go over potential threats, contingencies, and plans for the upcoming Joint Session of Congress. The meeting, and the subsequent deployment of these shadowy commandos on January 6, has never before been revealed.

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