Original Article By Martin Armstrong At ArmstrongEconomics.com

California Governor Gavin Newsom is deliberately worsening the supply chain crisis by implementing additional power-grab COVID restrictions. Workers in California now must stay home and quarantine for two weeks if they are exposed to COVID. It does not matter if they are vaccinated. It does not matter if they are vaccinated AND test negative. Some workplaces will allow “exposed” employees to return to work earlier, but they must wear a mask and remain six feet away from their coworkers and customers to let the public know they are potentially one of the diseased.

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Around 40% of the nation’s imports arrive at California ports. If one worker is exposed to someone who contracted coronavirus, entire businesses could shut down. Social distancing in a warehouse or shipping yard would be nearly impossible, and this law will affect the entire economy by diminishing the ability to import/export. Governor Newsom’s anti-business policies have earned his state the title of having the highest unemployment rate in the country at 7.3%. How many businesses will need to flee the state of California before people stop voting for Newsom?