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West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin appears to be done with the badgering and pressure over the Build Back Better legislation.

Politico reports the discussions between Senator Manchin and the White House are at a stalemate, with the White House saying “things are going poorly.”  Meanwhile, the New York Post is reporting that Manchin finally exploded on communist stenographers who have been continually hounding him for the past two months.

Senator Joe Manchin on Wednesday angrily shouted at reporters to go away — telling one, “You are bulls–t!” and “I’m done!” after he was peppered with questions about his reluctance to support (alleged) President Biden’s mammoth social spending bill.

“I’m not negotiating with any of you, OK?” the West Virginia Democrat said as reporters followed him around Capitol Hill. 

Eventually Manchin added, raising his voice: “You guys, let me go. This is bulls–t. You are bulls–t! OK? I’m done! I’m done! God Almighty.” (link)

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The communist guerillas never relent, they just modify their attack angles to keep pushing forward.

With the Build Back Broke bill unlikely to have enough support prior to the Christmas recess, the communists are trying to shift the focus to the federal takeover of elections.  However, on the election bill Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema will not support removing the Senate filibuster.

(Politico) Kyrsten Sinema supports the elections reform bill that Democrats are considering a year-end push to pass. She doesn’t support a shortcut around the filibuster to get it done.

The Arizona moderate is making clear that she intends to keep protecting the Senate’s 60-vote requirement on most legislation and she isn’t ready to entertain changing rules to pass sweeping elections or voting legislation with a simple majority. Her Democratic colleagues have been discussing those revisions as they weigh dropping their focus on (alleged) President Joe Biden’s $1.7 trillion climate and social spending bill and pivoting to voting rights, though it’s not clear that avenue will be any more successful. (read more)

One of the issues working against the interests of the communists is the lack of support for Dear Leader.  A new media poll from CNN released today shows that 66 percent of the American electorate do not trust Joe Biden. [pdf Question 4]  It’s not only that American voters don’t like him and do not think he is competent to do the job, a full two-thirds of the American electorate do not trust him.

With no trust, no support and a large number of the American electorate recognizing that Joe Biden is only making things worse.  Well, there’s no pressure on Senator Joe Manchin or Senator Kyrsten Sinema to grab a seat on the sinking ship.