Month: November 2021

Don’t Get Distracted: Ghislane, Dorsey, Omicron, And Other Nonsense

Podcast: The Ghislane Maxwell trial started today, just as a new COVID strain and a Big Tech resignation make the news. Plus: real vs fake metaverse.

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This Thanksgiving, Let’s Be Grateful for Technology

Original Article By Paul Brody At CoinDesk.com

This Thanksgiving, I will be giving thanks for technology and the endless opportunity it offers us for re-inventing ourselves and fixing our mistakes. Technology has done so much for my family and for me, no matter the challenges we face today, I could not be convinced to go backwards.

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Activist Prosecutor Who Let Waukesha Suspected Mass Murderer out Has Very ‘Interesting’ Views

Instead of actually looking at prosecutorial misconduct as a problem to be solved within the confines of what that means, Democrats, largely backed by George Soros, have sought to produce “criminal justice reform” by electing far-left prosecutors who won’t protect their communities and enforce the law. That has led to a rise in violent crime that has left a trail of carnage in its wake.

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