Month: October 2021

Fans Hang ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Banner During Game 2 Of The World Series

Original Article By David Hookstead At DailyCaller.com

nner Wednesday night during the World Series.

In an Instagram photo shared by Old Row, fans hung a banner with the popular anti-Joe Biden saying, and it was at least 15 seats long. The saying became popular after a reporter claimed NASCAR fans were saying it instead of “F**k Joe Biden.”

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Unredacted Antitrust Complaint Unsealed: Google Internal Documents Show AMP Pages Brought 40% Less Revenue to Publishers

Original Article By Sarah Gooding At WPTavern.com

In December 2020, we reported on a new antitrust lawsuit against Google that claimed AMP was created for the purpose of pushing publishers away from “header bidding.” This is an advertising mechanism that allows sites to route their ad inventory through several ad exchanges and sell the space to the highest bidder. At that time it was clear that these were troubling allegations regarding AMP’s performance and how Google may be using it to impede header bidding, but many key parts of the complaint were redacted.

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Nestlé: The Most Evil Business in the World

The following YouTube video by Jake Tran chronicles the scandals surrounding Nestle, the global food superconglomerate. Nestle’s alleged misdeeds range from bribing medical doctors, to contracting farms that use slave labor. These allegations may or may not be true, but they raise concerns about corporate brands and regulatory organizations. We should all scrutinize whether our food and medicines are safe and ethical.

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Warrant Issued for Former Clinton Global Initiative Co-Chair Steve Bachar on Charges of Securities Fraud and Felony Theft

Authorities in Denver have issued an arrest warrant for former Clinton Global Initiative co-chair Steve Bachar on charges of securities fraud and felony theft.

Bachar, a Denver-based attorney and longtime Clinton operative, is accused of ‘mishandling $2 million set aside to purchase PPE and lying to an investor “in connection with the offer, sale or purchase of a security,” according to the criminal complaint.

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