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According to reports, overall trust in the media is hitting serious declines as of late. While terms like “fake news” were thrust into the mainstream lexicon roughly six years ago, sometimes used accurately and other times frivolously without merit, the data shows that there is hardly any trust left in media.

A poll published by I&I/TIPP on October 29th coined the phenomenon as a “free fall” in trust with modern media, pointing out that both “traditional and alternative media” are feeling the ill-effects of this falling level of trust.

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“The I&I/TIPP Traditional Media Trust Index has declined 16% over the past eight months,” the report said. “The index dropped 0.7 points or 1.6%, from 43.7 in September to 43.0 in October. The I&I/TIPP Alternative Media Trust Index has declined 18% over the past eight months.  The index declined 3.5 points or 8.7%, from 40.2 in September to 36.7 in October.

“TechnoMetrica started tracking the media in March of this year. To enable easy comparison over time, we have converted percentages to a compact index. The indexes range from 0 to 100.  Above 50 is the trust territory, and below 50 is lack of trust. 50 is neutral.”

But what’s all the more interesting is that Reuters published a report that broke down media trust among 46 different countries – with the United States ranking dead-last in terms of trust of the media, with there only being a reported 29% trust in the media from within the states.

Moving back to the I&I/TIPP report on trust in the media, a percentile breakdown was afforded for levels of trust in “Traditional Media” that went as follows:

  • 14% answered “A lot of trust”
  • 24% answered “Quite a bit of trust”
  • 30% answered “Little trust”
  • 24% answered “No trust at all”
  • 7% answered “Not sure”

As for levels of trust in “Alternative Media”, here were the statistics cited:

  • 11% answered “A lot of trust”
  • 18% answered “Quite a bit of trust”
  • 35% answered “Little trust”
  • 27% answered “No trust at all”
  • 10% answered “Not sure”

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Overall, when considering those who responded with “A lot of trust” and “Quite a bit of trust,” traditional media outlets (such as NPR or Washington Post) – only 38% of media consumers trust what they’re digesting. And looking at alternative media (such as The Daily Caller or NewsMax) trust levels are collectively at 29%.

Meanwhile, some media sources are even spreading misinformation about the public trusting that they’re not spreading misinformation, as can be seen in the tweet below.

Source: takeactioncanada.ca, Twitter