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IATSE and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have reached a tentative deal on a new Area Standards Agreement – the second half of a nationwide film and TV agreement that was reached after the union’s members voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike.

A strike was averted earlier this month when a tentative agreement was reached on a new Basic Agreement, which covers 13 of the union’s Hollywood locals. The Area Standard Agreement covers 26 locals outside of Los Angeles. Terms of both contracts are similar – achieved through what’s known as “pattern bargaining.” The two agreements now go to separate ratification votes by the union’s members, but no date was announced.

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“We were able to achieve gains in all of our core areas,” said IATSE president Matthew Loeb on Tuesday. “Quality-of-life issues were at the top of our priority list. The protective terms we negotiated in this agreement and the agreement reached earlier establish a defined weekend with the studios for the first time. The two agreements incorporate stiff penalties for failing to provide meals and breaks. Taken together, the improvements we made at the bargaining table are very significant and directly due to the solidarity of our members.”

Loeb also said that the Basic Agreement “delivers our members a fairer deal on streaming.”

In a statement, the unions said that “the tentative agreement reached this week, like those earlier in the month, will significantly lift the lowest wage workers. The lowest earners will see wage increases of up to 60%. For example, the wages of a television art department coordinator will rise to $26 per hour by the third year. All members who work under these contracts will see their wages rise by a minimum of nine percent over the life of the three-year agreement.”

“Goals we have been pursuing, in some cases for decades, have been achieved in these negotiations,” Loeb said.

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IATSE members will be briefed by their local leaders on full details and language of the tentative agreement in the coming weeks. Final language is still being drafted by lawyers representing both the union and AMPTP. The ratification vote for the two proposed agreements will be held simultaneously, with members casting ballots online using a process similar to the one used to conduct the recent strike-authorization vote.

For the first time, members represented under the Area Standards Agreement will have the opportunity to vote directly on whether to ratify the agreement.

The AMPTP confirmed a tentative agreement for a new Area Standards Agreement has been reached, but said that “At this time, no further details about the negotiation or the new tentative agreement will be shared.”