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A friend of mine is getting ready to do a product launch. He’s using WooCommerce so it made sense for us to chat and the topic I focused on was coupons and automatic discounts. You see that yellow banner at the top of the page? That’s what we’re going to talk about. But before we do that, there’s another trick to get started with – and it’s automatic discounts.

Automatic Discounts

First, before I create any coupons, I love automatic discounts. Why? Because the moment you start using coupons, you’re begging customers to leave and go look around the internet for coupon codes. As a result, you lose that traffic you spent so much time chasing.

So the first thing I do for product launches when using WooCommerce is to install Discount Rules Pro. It results in that yellow bar you see in the middle of the product page – giving everyone automatic discounts of 10%!

The work to create that rule is really easy. You create a storewide discount for all products and make it a percentage-based rule. You can even get more restrictive and only allow it for first-time buyers (as you’ll see below).

Source: ChrisLema.com

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