In this YouTube video by Live Anabolic, the host Mark Mcilyar explains how to lift weights in a way that increases testosterone. Testosterone naturally decreases with age, and there are studies showing it’s declining in younger men with each generation. This may be due to chemicals in food, lifestyle, or even certain medical practices that ought to be reviewed. In any case, the principles in this video should help many men in the Western world.

Aerobic exercise is low intensity, and one can still plenty of oxygen into their body. Anaerobic exercise is the high intensity type we want, in which the body calls on the chemical lactate for energy rather than oxygen. Lactate, which forms lactic acid, creates the “burn” sensation at the end of a set that tells us we’re going to build muscle. Lactic acid also sends signals to the brain to generate more testosterone and growth hormone.

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Mark then demonstrates the wrong and right ways to perform a set with intensity. High intensity workouts aren’t recommended for new lifters. But after a few months, when they have practiced the proper form for their exercises, is when they should go hard. You can either increase the weight, or the number of repetitions, but you want to feel the burn on the last few reps of the set.

Mark offers a workout program, linked on the channel’s video page. You can also try metabolic training, and Funk Roberts offers many such workouts on his YouTube channel. There are several workout methods, and each is best suited to certain individuals.