In this YouTube video by Gravity Transformation, we learn 6 health benefits of taking cold showers. We also get advice for building tolerance for them. Cold showers can enhance fitness and slow the aging process.

  1. They improve your mood and mental health
  2. They reduce inflammation
  3. They can constrict your blood vessels temporarily, which builds up the immune system.
  4. They improve mental toughness, which helps you deal with stress
  5. They help burn fat by activating “brown fat” and kickstarting metabolism
  6. And they build up endurance

The video moves on to some strategies for getting used to cold showers. You can start with lukewarm showers and progress to colder ones over time; you can also run very cold water for a few seconds and resume with warm water; or you can alternate between cold and warm showers, or alternate between cold and warm water during the same shower; finally, you can use cold showers in combination with sauna time. None of these strategies are better than the others, and you should try them to find the one best suited to you.