Month: August 2021

OpenTable Seeks To Normalize Vaccine Passports With New Integration

Last week, popular restaurant booking app OpenTable announced that it would introduce a new feature allowing its clients to easily implement vaccine mandates and users to show proof of vaccination. The news comes as more cities in the US and the rest of the world mandate vaccine passports for outdoor and indoor venues and events.

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‘Is TV Too Woke?’: Industry & Media Debate Buzz Topic & Reveal Eye-Opening Survey On Disparity Between Public & TV Sector Views — Edinburgh

“I’m in a lot of meetings now, where people tell me, ‘This will never get on because it’s not woke enough,’” Ash Atalla, award-winning comedy producer of hits including The Office and The IT Crowd, told a spirited panel at the Edinburgh TV Festival assembled to discuss the question of how TV makers can properly represent diverse Britain in all its forms.

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Vice Begins A New Round Of Layoffs As Company Shifts To Video

Vice Media quietly enacted a new round of layoffs Thursday, as the Brooklyn-based gonzo news company continued to shift its focus toward video content
A memo from Vice’s chief digital officer Cory Haik that was peppered with corporate-speak heralded the “growth period” of the last two years — and buried news of the layoffs 15 paragraphs down.

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