In the following YouTube video by Darrel Wilson, we see a tutorial for the AppMySite service. If you have a WordPress website for your business, AppMySite can make a mobile app version without you needing to code. There are several online services that do this, but AppMySite is probably the most user-friendly and cost effective. If your business runs an online store, a message board/forum, and/or booking system, this is a viable way to get more traffic and users.

First, Darrel goes through the app settings like fonts, color scheme, and logo upload. AppMySite will make a preview of your app before you pay to build it. Then he guides us through the setup: you can choose WordPress as your content management system (CMS), set it to use “CMS Pages,” and give the app a name.

Next, there is a step-by-step process for selecting all the images and settings that are available in the free preview, but you’re actually building the app once you subscribe to the service. After that, you would connect your WordPress site to the app, and that is done with the AppMySite plugin. It’s available for free in the WordPress repository. The app is made very easily after that. The next step is to submit it to the app marketplaces on iOS and Android. There is a standard process to do that yourself, but AppMySite will do it for you if you buy their add-on made for that purpose.

Below the video, I have linked to Darrel’s video page and his referral links. This supports his channel. Below that, I have included referral links to support my blog. You can build your WordPress website on the hosting platform Dreamhost, and design it using the popular theme Divi.