Build Apps Without Code: Convert A WordPress Website Into A Mobile App

Build Apps Without Code: Convert A WordPress Website Into A Mobile App

In the following YouTube video by Darrel Wilson, we see a tutorial for the AppMySite service. If you have a WordPress website for your business, AppMySite can make a mobile app version without you needing to code. There are several online services that do this, but AppMySite is probably the most user-friendly and cost effective. If your business runs an online store, a message board/forum, and/or booking system, this is a viable way to get more traffic and users.

First, Darrel goes through the app settings like fonts, color scheme, and logo upload. AppMySite will make a preview of your app before you pay to build it. Then he guides us through the setup: you can choose WordPress as your content management system (CMS), set it to use “CMS Pages,” and give the app a name.

Next, there is a step-by-step process for selecting all the images and settings that are available in the free preview, but you’re actually building the app once you subscribe to the service. After that, you would connect your WordPress site to the app, and that is done with the AppMySite plugin. It’s available for free in the WordPress repository. The app is made very easily after that. The next step is to submit it to the app marketplaces on iOS and Android. There is a standard process to do that yourself, but AppMySite will do it for you if you buy their add-on made for that purpose.

Below the video, I have linked to Darrel’s video page and his referral links. This supports his channel. Below that, I have included referral links to support my blog. You can build your WordPress website on the hosting platform Dreamhost, and design it using the popular theme Divi.

Financial News: Inflation, El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin, The Real Value Of Real Estate

Financial News: Inflation, El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin, The Real Value Of Real Estate

This YouTube video by GoldSilver W/Mike Maloney reviews news of the day concerning precious metals, cryptocurrency, and the degrading value of fiat currency. Mike Maloney hosts the channel with Jeff Clark, and guest Adam Taggart. Taggart works for the money management firm Wealthion and recently hosted a conference of financial experts.

The first topic they cover is an article by ZeroHedge, questioning the Federal Reserve’s claim that current inflation is transitory. Markets supposedly believe the Fed, but Maloney thinks that can only happen with deflation, followed by more long term inflation. Taggart refers to experts in his circle, who say it would be transitory under current conditions. However, the Fed may change its policy at any time, for whatever reason, and inflation would likely continue. In any case, the value of the dollar is at the mercy of the central bank.

The panel moves on to the news of El Salvador officially adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. The country’s native currency, the colon, has been useless for decades, so they switched to the US dollar. With the dollar’s inflation in the past year, El Salvador’s president suggested the inclusion of Bitcoin. Not only is Bitcoin inflation-proof (due to its programming), it’s accessible to a large portion of the population who are cut off from banking services.

The International Monetary Fund sees “legal and economic issues” with El Salvador’s move, according to Reuters. Maloney views this as a crack in the fiat system’s facade; the IMF, Federal Reserve, and all other central banks have nothing to back their currency with. Gold has substance and has been used for thousands of years, while Bitcoin is decentralized and is made secure by cryptographic programming. Fiat currency is controlled by unelected bureaucrats.

Next, the group examines a chart from the United Kingdom measuring the price of real estate in British pounds and in gold. The line representing pounds moves steadily upward, but the gold line hovers at the same general level. This shows that the value of gold and real estate haven’t changed, but the value of the pound has. The lines on the chart split in the late 1960’s, which means the pound used to be backed by gold, but not anymore. The US dollar went off the gold standard in 1971.

I have linked to Mike Maloney’s video page below for access to his products and resources. I also posted a referral link to ITrust Capital, which is a financial service letting you start a retirement plan in cryptocurrency and physical gold and silver. The value of precious metals has been manipulated by paper contracts and rehypothecation, so you should buy physical metals any way you can. Using the link supports my blog.

How The Wealthy Make Money: Disney Ex-CEO Bob Iger Sells Half His Stock

How The Wealthy Make Money: Disney Ex-CEO Bob Iger Sells Half His Stock

Last Friday, the news came out that Disney’s former chief executive Bob Iger sold about $100 million worth of his stock in the company. This gives us a chance to examine how the top 1% make their income, and possible tax increases on investments in the United States. In the following video by Midnight’s Edge, the host Andre Einherjar interviews fellow YouTuber Valliant Renegade, and they discuss these topics.

Corporate executives make up most of the wealthy elite, and they don’t rely on just their working income. While most working and middle class citizens earn money from their jobs in hourly wages or salaries, executives have additional forms of compensation. They have salaries, usually in the 6 figure range, but they also receive performance bonuses, and biggest of all, shares of company stock. Iger accumulated shares of Disney stock during his career as an executive at various ranks. According to the video, while he was CEO, the value of Disney shares increased from about $20 to almost $200.

Regular Americans pay taxes on their income each year. Stocks and investments are subject to a different kind of tax, called capital gains tax. This year, the Biden administration proposed an increase on capital gains tax, which caused a dip in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. The tax won’t become reality unless Congress passes a law requiring it, but just the suggestion causes concern for anyone who has investments and assets.

As I have discussed on this blog and on my own YouTube channel, Americans are moving their cash into assets like stocks, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and even Pokemon cards. The Federal Reserve printed radically more cash in 2020 during the pandemic lockdowns. Therefore, the amount of dollars in one’s bank account have lost value. Buying assets preserves wealth during inflation, and you can sell them off for retirement, or pass them on to future generations. A capital gains tax hike ought to be highly unpopular, not just among the wealthy, but to anyone who understands the importance of assets.

Bob Iger is of retirement age, and no longer the Disney chief executive. He heard the tax hike rumblings and likely decided to cash out now. As for the rest of us, we should carefully monitor the United States Congress. The government has ignored the people’s wishes in the past, but it will be harder to do in the Internet Age. So many secrets have been revealed this year, we can expect more in the coming months.

18 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

18 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

In this post, we have another metabolic, full body dumbbell workout by Funk Roberts. You can do it in 18 to 20 minutes, using dumbbells ranging in weight from 10 to 30 lbs. Metabolic training lets one build lean muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

Here, you will perform 3 rounds with 6 exercises each. You will do as many reps of each exercise as possible in 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and move to the next exercise. Each exercise is a compound movement that works a primary muscle group, and surrounding muscles along the way. The exercises are reverse lunges, supinated bent over dumbbell rows, chest press with glute bridge, clutch curls, standing triceps extensions, and bent over side raises.

Some tips: the reverse lunges may be difficult during the first round, especially if you have stiff knees. Take your time and do the exercise with good form. I find the movement gets easier in the second and third rounds, so you can push yourself then. Lunges are great for improving balance and stability. When doing the row, keep your elbows pointed back and arms close to the torso. This way, you work your lats, which is good if you can’t do pullups. Adding a glute bridge to the chest press is great, because it lets you do more work for your legs while working your upper body. Bent over side raises work the rear deltoids, which are very often neglected. They can also work your upper back.

Make Money Online: Digital Product Ideas

Make Money Online: Digital Product Ideas

The following YouTube video by Aurelius Tjin lists 20 digital product ideas for making money online. You can sell these products on marketplaces mentioned in the list, or on your own website. I previously posted a beginner’s guide to making websites with WordPress, which I will link in this article. If you already own a business, you can use these digital products as promotional items. Indeed, some of them are marketing tools you can use to sell other things.

  1. Tip Jar/ Buy Me A Coffee Page: Use a service called Koji, or a WordPress plugin like GiveWP.
  2. Shoutouts: Use Koji again, and people can pay you to ask questions. This is like super chats in a live stream, so Streamlabs is another option.
  3. Online Course: This is an old favorite. You can post one in Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, or many other websites. You can also sell courses on your WordPress website with the Learndash plugin, or a membership plugin like MemberPress or Paid Memberships Pro.
  4. Ebooks: You can write a book in Google Docs or Reedsy, and convert it to epub format or pdf. Then you can sell it on Amazon, Nook, or your own website using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.
  5. Exclusive Articles: You can write an article on any topic and sell it on Koji.
  6. Locked/Premium Videos And Photos: You can lock these behind a paywall using one of the WordPress membership plugins, or Koji once again.
  7. Gated Link: Similar to locked and premium content, this is an exclusive link. See the apps above.
  8. Luts And Presets: These are color settings for video content.
  9. Social Media Prompts: These are content ideas or templates for social media posts. You can assign them to calendars to schedule ahead of time.
  10. Social Media Captions: These are pre-written templates for social media marketers to use in posts.
  11. White Label/Private Label Content: This is written content you can sell to others so they can put their names and brands on it.
  12. Notion Templates: Notion is a project management platform, which has a marketplace for 3rd party templates and add-ons.
  13. Canva Templates: You can create a design in Canva, and post it as a template for sale.
  14. Branding Templates: These are design templates for business cards, social media, YouTube, and more. You can sell them on Creative Market, or on your WordPress website.
  15. Copywriting Templates: These are content templates for landing pages, emails, ads, and any other marketing content.
  16. Printables: These are popular on Etsy, so you can get ideas and sell them there. You create designs to be printed on physical products.
  17. Paid Newsletter: This is similar to premium content. You can create an email newsletter with Mailchimp, Aweber, or the WordPress plugin MailPoet, then sell the content through a membership plugin or gated link.
  18. Plans: These can be plans for fitness, meal prep, marketing, blogging, or anything that requires your expertise. Sell them as ebook, PDFs, online courses, or premium content.
  19. Apps And Software: If you don’t know how to develop software, you can hire someone on UpWork. There are also platforms like Bubble.io and AppMakr that let you make apps without code. If you can make a WordPress website, you can make a mobile app version with AppPresser.
  20. Digital Ad Space: This is ad space for your website. Rather than use Google Adsense, you can sell ad space with Koji’s Billboard app.

Aurelius wraps up the video describing his Koji Billboard page, which lets him use other Koji apps to sell products mentioned earlier. For a guide to building a website with WordPress, refer to this earlier post: “Make Your Own Website: Beginner’s Guide To WordPress 2021.”