Month: June 2021

Build Apps Without Code: Convert A WordPress Website Into A Mobile App

In the following YouTube video by Darrel Wilson, we see a tutorial for the AppMySite service. If you have a WordPress website for your business, AppMySite can make a mobile app version without you needing to code. There are several online services that do this, but AppMySite is probably the most user-friendly and cost effective. If your business runs an online store, a message board/forum, and/or booking system, this is a viable way to get more traffic and users.

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How The Wealthy Make Money: Disney Ex-CEO Bob Iger Sells Half His Stock

Last Friday, the news came out that Disney’s former chief executive Bob Iger sold about $100 million worth of his stock in the company. This gives us a chance to examine how the top 1% make their income, and possible tax increases on investments in the United States. In the following video by Midnight’s Edge, the host Andre Einherjar interviews fellow YouTuber Valliant Renegade, and they discuss these topics.

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18 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

In this post, we have another metabolic, full body dumbbell workout by Funk Roberts. You can do it in 18 to 20 minutes, using dumbbells ranging in weight from 10 to 30 lbs. Metabolic training lets one build lean muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

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Make Money Online: Digital Product Ideas

The following YouTube video by Aurelius Tjin lists 20 digital product ideas for making money online. You can sell these products on marketplaces mentioned in the list, or on your own website. I previously posted a beginner’s guide to making websites with WordPress, which I will link in this article. If you already own a business, you can use these digital products as promotional items. Indeed, some of them are marketing tools you can use to sell other things.

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