Month: May 2021

Bitcoin Crash, Manipulation: The Wyckoff Distribution Explained.

Bitcoin is down to the $30K range today, dropping almost 50%. Most other cryptocurrencies have fallen with it. Long time holders of these assets have seen worse crashes, so they’re not discouraged. However, it is possible the months-long bull run, consolidation, and plunge have been a manipulation by high rolling “whales.” In this YouTube video by Ivan On Tech, Ivan interviews a fellow YouTuber CTO Larsson Invest, and they discuss the Wyckoff Distribution. The distribution is a very old analytics model that explains how big-time investors fleece smaller retail traders.

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How To Fight Corruption: The Fake Confidence Of Narcissists VS The Real Confidence In Yourself

This YouTube video by DoctorRamani discusses narcissists and how they seize power in organizations, families, and other groups. She refers to the old saying, “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” In this sense, normal people are modest and admit to the limits of their knowledge, but narcissists are so good at feigning expertise, they convince others to trust their leadership.

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Signs You’re Doing Okay In Life

This YouTube video by Psych2Go offers six unexpected signs you’re on the right path in life. Not all of these may apply to you at the present moment, but you can learn to take advantage of the ones that do. In these times when the U.S. government is compromised and the economy is struggling, take stock of your own situation, practice gratitude, and be open to any possibilities. By showing kindness to yourself and others, you can help save society.

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Karate Workout: Fat Loss And Endurance

This YouTube video by Team Ki presents a cardio and endurance workout. It’s a Tabata style workout, in which you work hard for 20 seconds, take a 10 second break, and repeat for a set number of rounds. The host Kenichi Sato performs basic Karate techniques, called “kihon,” turning this into a practice drill session.

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