In this post we will study the First Letter Of Peter in the Bible’s New Testament. This gives us a blueprint to oppose tyranny and corruption in our time. Peter was one of Jesus’ original disciples, and led the early Christian movement after Jesus’ ascension. Christians were persecuted by other religious sects, and eventually the Roman empire, and Peter’s letter gives them advice for enduring that persecution. Christians were not to violently fight back, but resist indirectly, by showing the world an alternative way of living.

The following YouTube video by BibleProject gives a good summary of 1 Peter. Persecution is an ironic advantage for Christians, because it realigns their priorities to following God. It also exposes the moral failings of their opponents. The letter instructs Christians to obey the oppressor’s laws and enforcers when they can, but to follow God’s laws above that. From the time of Abraham, God intended his people would demonstrate his way of doing things, contrasted with the corrupt ways of earthly regimes.

God’s people are meant to be kind, generous, merciful, empathetic, reasonable, and logical. These traits are not signs of weakness; it actually takes tremendous endurance to practice them. We know from other stories in the Bible that God empowers people who have faith. Violence and intimidation are the ways of evil. In Chapter 5 we read the famous verse, “Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Tyrants are motivated by evil spirits and dark psychological disorders, more so than politics. The devil’s intent is to distract people away from God, and rile them up into making mistakes. Faith in God, as well as his grace, are a source of confidence. We all falter and lash out (I confess I’m a savage on social media), but God is willing to set us right again.

Right now, we have a fabulous opportunity to see the modern world’s corruption. The central banks, globalists, and communists had planned to enslave us with debt and extortion, and cover up their moves with either war or a plague. President Trump, through his better than average negotiating skills, made peace deals and fast-tracked the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine. Although the pandemic was a cover for Joe Biden to steal the election in November 2020, the vaccine removes that pandemic as a factor now. The state of Arizona is auditing the election, despite the verbal abuse of the Far Left. The other swing states will have to audit next.

Rather than fight the usurpers through force, Americans are calmly and rationally following the law, and dismantling the usurpers’ lies. We are putting our money in assets like cryptocurrency and gold, rather than trust the central banks’ fiat currency. We’re boycotting corporations that collude with the Deep State, especially Hollywood and the legacy media. Through crowdfunding and social media platforms, we can help each other directly. Humans have access to more knowledge than any other time in history. If we live the way Jesus and Peter instruct us, we can undercut tyranny like never before.