This YouTube video by DoctorRamani discusses narcissists and how they seize power in organizations, families, and other groups. She refers to the old saying, “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” In this sense, normal people are modest and admit to the limits of their knowledge, but the fake confidence of narcissists convinces others to trust their leadership.

Narcissists are good at convincing us they’re on the ball and are better at their jobs than anyone else. Normal people don’t question this because they’ve been conditioned to doubt themselves. They may have been raised by narcissists, or been abused by teachers or bullies at school.

Dr. Ramani describes how families can be wrecked financially because a narcissistic member took control. Then she moves on to government and politics, how politicians and bureaucrats triangulate their way into positions of power. The way we combat government corruption is learning the ways of narcissism. I have made this point repeatedly on this blog, and I’m gratified to hear a licensed professional like the doctor make the connection as well. Dr. Ramani ends with the warning to never assume that a person with authority deserves that authority. Never passively give up your autonomy.

Speaking personally, I learned to stand up for myself when I simultaneously practiced martial arts and made a relationship with God. In martial arts, one learns to trust their gut during meditation. In the Bible, God often empowers human beings with his spirit, and they accomplish great things through faith. When I realized that Western religion and Eastern philosophy were describing the same phenomenon, my life changed. When you open yourself to God’s spirit, you’ll feel a warm sensation and experience inspiration. This is God giving you guidance you can trust, far better than what narcissists spew out. This is the source of true confidence.