This YouTube video by Psych2Go offers six unexpected signs you’re on the right path in life. Not all of these may apply to you at the present moment, but you can learn to take advantage of the ones that do. In these times when the U.S. government is compromised and the economy is struggling, take stock of your own situation, practice gratitude, and be open to any possibilities. By showing kindness to yourself and others, you can help save society.

  1. You’re forming quality relationships with others.
  2. You’re content and feel at peace.
  3. Things are getting tough. When you face challenges, but you’re willing to take them on rather than run, that’s a good sign.
  4. You think less about the past, and more about the future.
  5. You’re mentally satisfied, even if you’re physically exhausted.
  6. Everything seems to align in your favor. This comes with having an open mind, and having an opportunity, rather than a crisis thought process.