Month: May 2021

Silicon Valley And Hollywood: Mergers, Streaming, And Reboots

This video by Clownfish TV discusses the mergers and acquisitions of Hollywood studios, either by each other, or by Big Tech. The coronavirus lockdowns were catastrophic for Hollywood, but Silicon Valley is coming through bigger than ever. Movie theaters are being replaced by streaming services, but there are currently too many options to make it in the market. After Amazon bought MGM last week, it looks likely that studios will exist to serve the survivors of the streaming wars. Whatever happens to Hollywood, this is a wonderful opportunity for independent creators.

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Get Woke, Go Broke: Corporations Wake Up, Turn Away From Far Left Politics

In this post, we examine two YouTube videos by TheQuartering. One discusses multiple articles about major companies turning away from “woke” far left politics, and the other signals the split between Hollywood and communist China. As I have said in other posts, “leftist” is not the same as “liberal”; left wing activists, demagogues, and politicians are phony liberals who use ideology as a smokescreen for nefarious purposes. Consumers may not be able to articulate this, but they reject the pandering and preaching of global corporations.

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How To Oppose Tyranny: Be The Alternative- Studying 1 Peter

In this post we will study the First Letter Of Peter in the Bible’s New Testament. This gives us a blueprint to oppose tyranny and corruption in our time. Peter was one of Jesus’ original disciples, and led the early Christian movement after Jesus’ ascension. Christians were persecuted by other religious sects, and eventually the Roman empire, and Peter’s letter gives them advice for enduring that persecution. Christians were not to violently fight back, but resist indirectly, by showing the world an alternative way of living.

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Follow Up: How To Root Out Corruption, Variety Article Calls Out Lucasfilm Indirectly

In March, I shared a YouTube video by Midnight’s Edge discussing how toxic executives in Disney and Lucasfilm were called out in a Forbes article. The lesson was, if your organization is corrupt, you must find help outside the system. This week, Midnight’s Edge followed up on the story by analyzing an article by Variety. It’s a veiled signal to Hollywood that Disney is cleaning house. I have also shared in the past that narcissists can’t be exposed directly, because they cultivate allies. They must be dealt with on the sly.

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Take Charge Of Your Life: Executive Dysfunction Explained

“Executive function” is a term for the brain’s ability to organize work and initiate it. Executive dysfunction is a problem for people with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, or who have suffered a stroke. If you have been diagnosed with one of these conditions, you should understand you’re NOT to blame for being lazy or disorganized. The following video by Marta Rose presents strategies and hacks for coping with executive dysfunction. Below the video is a link to her YouTube page with resources.

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