Month: April 2021

The Steady Decline Of AAA Games: Developers Ditch Corporate Tyranny And Start Over

This YouTube video by Bellular News provides an overview of the decline of corporate made AAA video games. For a few years, giant development companies including Electronic Arts and Activision/Blizzard have inspired the wrath of YouTubers who cover the industry. AAA publishers and developers use greedy and manipulative monetization practices, and overwork their employees to the point of physical illness. These companies used to be the leaders in game quality, but today they are bloated, corrupt, and the creative talent is striking out on its own.

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Bitcoin Price Breakout? Month Of Consolidation, How Much Longer?

In another YouTube video by Crypto Zombie, the host K-Dub reports signs of a Bitcoin price breakout coming soon. Ever since the economic stimulus checks were distributed in March, Bitcoin has hovered between about $54K and $60K. For any other asset class, this would seem volatile, but it’s been very boring by cryptocurrency standards. Looking at the charts, we should see either a new all time high, or drop to $50K, in another week.

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Beginner’s Guide To Handguns Part 3: Gun Range Safety And Etiquette

This YouTube video by National Shooting Sports Foundation explains common safety and etiquette rules at a shooting range. Shooting ranges are important places to practice. Many will let you rent or otherwise try out different gun models before you commit to buying one. It’s helpful to know how a gun model feels in your hands and if it’s comfortable; everyone is different.

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