Month: April 2021

Police Reform: Can Martial Arts Training Lead To Safer Arrests?

With the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial (and possible appeal due to the wreckless rhetoric of Congresswoman Maxine Waters,) police reform is on everyone’s mind. It’s my opinion police corruption does exist, but only in certain cities. The public can combat that corruption by raising up departments in more ethical cities, and even from other countries. Japan is home to the safest cities in the world, and they’re kept that way by police who practice martial arts and make it a lifestyle.

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Strategies And Phrases To Disarm Toxic People

In this post, we learn of strategies and phrases to disarm toxic people in our lives. They are presented in the following YouTube video by Inner Integration. Toxic people such as narcissists and sociopaths crave to impose their will on others, so we need practical strategies to protect our freedom. This applies not just to our personal lives, but in the larger society.

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The Truth About Political Polarization: Studying The Book Of Jonah

In this post we will study the book of Jonah in the Bible, and apply it to modern political polarization. The truth is, the people we have been conditioned to think are our opponents are probably well-intentioned. The police are not our enemies, and neither are liberals, conservatives, atheists, religious folk, corporate employees, YouTubers, school faculties, or capitalists. The real enemies of the people are false pride, and the systems set up by insidious individuals.

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Rethinking NFTs: How To Make An NFT And Sell It

This YouTube video by Nick Benedetto provides a simple explanation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and how to make and sell them on a website called Mintable. By using blockchain technology, the same tech that powers Bitcoin, you can create digital art or collectibles that cannot be duplicated.

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Political Strife Explained: Lies Narcissists Tell, And Why They Need Enemies

In the past week, violent political riots erupted once again. They are a reaction to another police killing of an African American citizen. Rather than argue whether it was justified, and whether there is institutional racism in America’s police forces, this post will examine narcissistic behavior. I have theorized before, political corruption is narcissistic abuse writ large. Study the behaviors mentioned here, and try to determine if they appear in your conversations about current events.

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