The 2021 Oscars ceremony experienced the worst ratings in history, and ratings for sports (particularly the NBA) are tanking as well. We are witnessing the end of elite celebrity culture. The following YouTube videos report on the public abandoning Hollywood entertainment and professional sports. Recall that the most desired career of kids and teens is “YouTuber,” rather than star athlete or celebrity.

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What’s more, in terms of profits and stock value, Hollywood and sports have both been surpassed by the video game industry. Games aren’t just fun on their own, but players can livestream themselves and create their own entertainment for others to watch online.

This video by Sky News Australia reports on the Academy Awards’ ratings disaster. This can be expected partly because the pandemic stalled filming and releases in theaters. But people have also gotten used to other forms of entertainment. Awards shows in general have declined this century, but COVID might be the last straw.

In this next video by Sports Wars, host Ryan Kinel reports on the NBA’s collapse, led by the social media antics of LeBron James. James threatened the police officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant. However, body-cam footage clearly shows that the officer saved the life of the girl Bryant was attacking. Backlash against James was swift, but this was only his latest example of propaganda against law enforcement.

Another thing Hollywood and professional sports have in common is far left “woke” propaganda. It is one thing to be liberal and desire reform in America’s police departments. But woke politics is thinly veiled communism, and its goal is to divide and discredit Western culture. The catastrophic drop in TV ratings shows that regular people see through the propaganda.