Cryptocurrency Made Easy: Crypto.com Review And Features

Cryptocurrency Made Easy: Crypto.com Review And Features

Crypto.com was created to make the world of cryptocurrency safe and accessible for everyone. This YouTube video by Brian Jung lists the app’s features. It’s easy to buy cryptocurrency with it, send and receive it, trade, and cash out. The app even offers a debit card, so you can use your asset portfolio like a bank. Crypto.com is intended to encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

Tools: The top left and right menus of the app give you helpful tools. There is online payment, which is like Venmo for cryptocurrency. There are gift cards that let you earn cash back, and Mobile Uptime to help pay for no contract phones.

Trading: Buy currencies with a credit or debit card. Jung also explains how to transfer money from other accounts or crypto wallets. Then he goes over withdrawing currency into your other wallets or bank account. You can set trade alerts when a currency meets a certain price, and you’ll know when to buy or sell. It also has a handy pie chart to display your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Crypto.com Debit Card: You can qualify for a Crypto.com debit card by staking currencies for 6 months or more (learn about staking in this post, “What Is Staking? Passive Income With Cryptocurrency”). Different tiers of cards are available for different currency amounts or time periods. Once you have a card, you can use the app to convert any of your cryptocurrency to fiat money, and spend it when you’re out and about. This way, Crypto.com acts like an online bank.

Earn Crypto: Finally, Jung goes over ways to earn cryptocurrency with the app. You can stake it, as mentioned before, for set periods. You can’t use that currency during the staking period, but the amount will grow. Crypto.com also has a referral program in which you’re paid fiat whenever someone sign up to the app through your personal link.

How To Make Money Online: Not Patreon!

How To Make Money Online: Not Patreon!

Patreon, the crowdfunding platform for artists and content creators, has made dubious decisions in the last few years. Most recently, it is attempting to exert editorial control over its users’ works. In this YouTube video by Clownfish TV, the hosts Kneon and Geeky Sparkles opine why they don’t recommend Patreon anymore. They also take a critical look at its stock valuation, and recommend alternatives for people to make money online.

Patreon originated as a payment processor for online creators, providing a way for their fans to donate money, while taking a cut for itself. Many YouTubers turned to it during the “Adpocalypse,” when YouTube advertising revenue dried up. However, Patreon angered the community when it expelled Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, for his political views. Many users, even those who don’t agree with Sargon, left the platform in support of free speech.

Kneon and Geeky read a post by a Patreon user called Redamz, who is developing a indie video game. Patreon is trying to censor the game for being lewd, even though erotica has been a moneymaker on the site for a long time. The moderators and/or executives at Patreon do not enforce rules evenly, if they bother with them at all. This is a problem in many Silicon Valley-based companies. Redamz has already collected enough money from backers to finish his or her project, and plans to leave Patreon immediately. They do mention Patreon competitors Subscribestar and Pixiv, which have much better free speech policies.

The video then moves on to a Wall Street Journal story about Patreon winning a stock valuation of $4 billion. This is dubious considering the company’s user backlash and employee layoffs. It hasn’t been profitable in almost its entire existence. Perhaps investors see future potential as independent entertainers replace Hollywood. But Patreon is too poorly run to be trusted.

Clownfish TV run their own websites in addition to their YouTube channel. You can find web design tutorials on YouTube and make your own using WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix. Then you can create a merch store, your own donation buttons to your PayPal account or cryptocurrency wallet, and run affiliate links to products for sale and collect commissions. There is also the previously mentioned Subscribestar. It simply doesn’t pay to use Patreon as your middleman.

Independent Media Is The Future: Oscars Ratings Crash, Sports Ratings Crash

Independent Media Is The Future: Oscars Ratings Crash, Sports Ratings Crash

The 2021 Oscars ceremony experienced the worst ratings in history, and ratings for sports (particularly the NBA) are tanking as well. We are witnessing the end of elite celebrity culture. The following YouTube videos report on the public abandoning Hollywood entertainment and professional sports. Recall that the most desired career of kids and teens is “YouTuber,” rather than star athlete or celebrity.

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What’s more, in terms of profits and stock value, Hollywood and sports have both been surpassed by the video game industry. Games aren’t just fun on their own, but players can livestream themselves and create their own entertainment for others to watch online.

This video by Sky News Australia reports on the Academy Awards’ ratings disaster. This can be expected partly because the pandemic stalled filming and releases in theaters. But people have also gotten used to other forms of entertainment. Awards shows in general have declined this century, but COVID might be the last straw.

In this next video by Sports Wars, host Ryan Kinel reports on the NBA’s collapse, led by the social media antics of LeBron James. James threatened the police officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant. However, body-cam footage clearly shows that the officer saved the life of the girl Bryant was attacking. Backlash against James was swift, but this was only his latest example of propaganda against law enforcement.

Another thing Hollywood and professional sports have in common is far left “woke” propaganda. It is one thing to be liberal and desire reform in America’s police departments. But woke politics is thinly veiled communism, and its goal is to divide and discredit Western culture. The catastrophic drop in TV ratings shows that regular people see through the propaganda.

Cryptocurrency News: Last Week’s Crash Is The Setup For Huge Gains

Cryptocurrency News: Last Week’s Crash Is The Setup For Huge Gains

Last week the price of Bitcoin reached an all time high above $64,000, then quickly dropped to the upper $40,000’s. This coincided with a drop in the stock market, and both were blamed on Joe Biden’s proposals concerning capital gains tax. However, the following YouTube video by Ellio Trades Crypto explains that this cool off matches a pattern seen in past bull runs. It also explains how big account holders, called “whales,” perform tricky trades to manipulate the price of cryptocurrencies.

The first thing to understand is the stock to flow ratio. This is a model that assumes value is determined by scarcity, and is defined by the ratio of current amount of a commodity available to the flow of new production. Based on this, the group PlanB calculates a Bitcoin price target above $200,000. When PlanB looks at previous bull runs in 2013 and 2017, they match up proportionately with what we see today. They even spot big dips midway through the runs, just like what we experienced last week.

During the first phase of a bull run, crypto newcomers invest in Bitcoin, but also try out several altcoins. The experienced whales who bought the altcoins early cash out, and move their gains into Tether or other “stable coins.” A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that matches its value to a fiat currency, like the US Dollar. The video notes that giant purchases of Tether are happening as the rest of the crypto market drops.

Only a few altcoins are reliable with good fundamentals, but that’s hard for newbies to know, so they buy into whatever looks exciting. Usually, the best investment strategy is to buy into an asset a little at a time, and watch it grow. When you hold cryptocurrency for a few months, you get used to the volatility, and you’re almost certain to profit given enough time.

What Can We Do About Injustice? Studying The Book Of Habakkuk

What Can We Do About Injustice? Studying The Book Of Habakkuk

In this post we will look at the Book of Habakkuk in the Bible, to learn what we can do about injustice in our time and all other generations. The prophet Habakkuk lived during the final decades of Israel’s southern kingdom, when its leaders had gone corrupt. The following video by BibleProject analyzes the book and Habakkuk’s conversation with God. We see that God moves certain people to act, on his own schedule, and other people can navigate the troubled times by living by faith.

The book of Habakkuk is only 3 chapters long, and is unique among the books of the prophets because Habakkuk doesn’t deliver any of God’s messages to other people. We know from other books in the Bible that at this time, Israel’s kings enslaved other people, the Israelites worshipped idols rather than the true God, and they even performed human sacrifice to those idols. Habakkuk expresses his frustrations to God, and God answers.

God is aware of Israel’s injustice, and tells Habakkuk he’s stirring up the Babylonian Empire (also called the Chaldeans in some translations.) Babylon will conquer Israel and bring its leaders to justice. Habakkuk is shocked, because Babylon is even more evil, but God assures him that empire will fall as well, as do all oppressive regimes in history.

Next, God lists five “woes,” or tactics used by empires to oppress people. The first two involve charging interest on loans to keep people in debt. The third is slave labor. The fourth is drunkenness and debauchery of the leaders while the people struggle. The fifth is idolatry, which isn’t just worshipping false gods, but placing personal or national interests above following God.

We can see these woes in action today. Some people say the United States government, and most corporations, are beholden to the Federal Reserve and other central banks. The Fed prints limitless money and loans it at interest, and the American people can’t get out of debt. Since the 1970’s, when the dollar stopped being backed by gold, each generation of Americans has been poorer than the one before, because of inflation and the flow of money back to the banks.

Will the free nations of the world be taken over like ancient Israel? We don’t know yet, but it’s worth noting that God has a new policy towards humanity since the death and resurrection of Christ. We can see throughout the Bible that God likes to act through people; he inspires and directs them in just the right way to get things done. In the Old Testament, God selected certain people to be prophets; but in the New Testament, the Holy Spirit became available to all of humanity. People can accomplish great things if they call on Jesus Christ’s name.

If you follow certain blogs and podcasts, you would know state governments in the U.S. are auditing the 2020 election. They are also reforming their voting practices to be more in line with the Constitution, so national elections can never be stolen again. The people are also waking up to institutional corruption everywhere, in Wall Street, professional sports, government-run education, and especially the corporate media. It’s like there’s a new revelation every other week.

Coming back to Habakkuk, in the third chapter we read a prayer that God will bring down evil rulers and save the people again, like when the Hebrews escaped Egypt and the Pharaoh’s army was wiped out. Habakkuk likens faithful people to ibexes, which are a species of antelope known for their nimble steps and leaps along dangerous cliffs. If regular people live by faith, God will guide them through treacherous circumstances. They may even strike their own blows against injustice in the process.