It’s time for another cryptocurrency update as we listen to this video by Crypto Zombie. The host K-Dub predicts the month of April will be explosive for the value of Bitcoin. Historically, March is a bearish period for Bitcoin, but this year we have seen a general bull trend with mostly sideways consolidation.

The last week saw a dip in Bitcoin’s price, and that is a good time to buy (this is the channel’s opinion, not financial advice. Do your own research.) Next month, the next target price is $65,000. If you’re new to Bitcoin investing, you don’t need to buy an entire Bitcoin. It is divided by 8 decimal places, so you can invest however many dollars you want.

Next, K-Dub shares articles and news, starting with comments by longtime trading guru Peter Brandt. The cryptocurrency market is the most parabolically performing asset class he’s ever seen. Then, we see 2 interview clips by reporter Laura Shin. First she interviews Michael Saylor, who is an asset manager and Bitcoin bull. She asks if he intends to ever sell his Bitcoin and “take profits,” but Saylor rebukes her, saying that fiat currency loses value every day.

Next, we see a clip of Shin interviewing Miami mayor Francis Suarez. Shin raises the concern that Bitcoin mining requires costly amounts of energy and leads to climate change. Suarez answers that most mining happens outside the U.S., in countries with poor energy policies. Suarez wants more mining to happen in the U.S., particularly in Miami because of its nuclear power plants. Miami has made news with its plans to accept Bitcoin as payment for city taxes, and moving part of its treasury into Bitcoin.