In this video, we come back to Surviving Narcissism hosted by Dr. Les Carter. We learn about 8 tactics narcissists use to “train” and manipulate their victims. They can be divided into 4 phases, ingratiation, guilt trips, humiliation, and open harm. The 8 tactics are:

  1. The “Buddy” Technique
  2. Phony “Intellectual” Empathy
  3. “Now You Owe Me” Mentality
  4. Appeal To Loyalty And Guilt
  5. Words Of Incredulity
  6. Invalidation
  7. Threats
  8. Anger Mode

Narcissists can’t abide their victims having a sense of self. If you have to hide yourself and your feelings from someone in your life, they probably don’t have your true well being in mind. You don’t need to engage with them further. A healthy individual respects their own self and that of others, and wishes no harm.