This YouTube video by Freedom Marketer lists 15 business ideas for small towns and rural areas. This is increasingly important in the post pandemic economy, when more people are leaving big cities. The host posts marketing content on his channel, which I will link to. I have my own internet marketing and digital solutions business that can help, too. I’m also a referral partner to Fundwise Capital, which is a network of business lenders hoping to get entrepreneurs started.

  1. Plant Nurseries: Grow tree saplings, bushes, and other plants, and sell to farmers, real estate agents, and landscapers
  2. Real Estate Investing: By wholesaling, you can invest in property, housing, and land.
  3. Pet Boarding And Grooming: Pets are common in small towns and rural areas. Veterinarians also hire pet boarding services for long term care.
  4. Vaping Products And Sales: Set up a brick and mortar store, or sell online.
  5. Clothing Boutique: Ditto.
  6. Bakeries: This probably has more success locally than online, although you can make a website that enables online ordering, and market it in your area.
  7. Landscaping: Move earth and plant bushes and trees on various properties. You would work in connection with nurseries and real estate agents and investors.
  8. Fruit And Vegetable Growing: This is like small-scale farming. If you can learn to market your produce, or hire someone who can, there is opportunity.
  9. Lawn Care: All you need are a lawnmower, string trimmer, and maybe a leaf blower.
  10. Cleaning: You can clean houses and businesses. There are franchise opportunities with various cleaning companies.
  11. Tire Change/Brake Shop
  12. Food Truck
  13. Boxing/MMA Gym Or Martial Arts Instruction
  14. Tutoring
  15. Gym/Fitness Class