25 Minute Yoga Workout

In this YouTube video by Yoga With Tim, we are guided in a 25 minute yoga workout meant to detox the body and improve the nervous system. The instructor Tim Sinesi provides variations of the exercises to match one’s skill level. If you haven’t practiced yoga before, or haven’t for many months like me, this is an easy workout to get into.

Beginner’s Guide To Handguns Part 1: How A Handgun Works

Beginner’s Guide To Handguns Part 1: How A Handgun Works

In this YouTube video by Guns & Accessories, the host presents the basics of how a handgun works. There are many types of guns and ammunition. The host explains how ammunition is classified by its diameter size, whether in the Standard or Metric systems. Then he carefully demonstrates how a standard gun operates while not firing with it.

The host puts very strong emphasis on safety, and begins by imploring the viewer to attend a gun class in person. A gun shop should be able to refer you to a class and practice range in your area. A special point is made near the end of the video about trigger discipline. Do not place your finger on the trigger until the split second you are ready to destroy something. Any other time, keep your finger outside the rim around the trigger.

I will share more videos in this series about gun safety and training. However these are just a starting point. If you purchase a gun, I urge you again to get in-person training. That way an instructor can advise you what type of gun is best suited for you, as well as catch errors in your technique.

Bitcoin News: Explosive Growth In April?

Bitcoin News: Explosive Growth In April?

It’s time for another cryptocurrency update as we listen to this video by Crypto Zombie. The host K-Dub predicts the month of April will be explosive for the value of Bitcoin. Historically, March is a bearish period for Bitcoin, but this year we have seen a general bull trend with mostly sideways consolidation.

The last week saw a dip in Bitcoin’s price, and that is a good time to buy (this is the channel’s opinion, not financial advice. Do your own research.) Next month, the next target price is $65,000. If you’re new to Bitcoin investing, you don’t need to buy an entire Bitcoin. It is divided by 8 decimal places, so you can invest however many dollars you want.

Next, K-Dub shares articles and news, starting with comments by longtime trading guru Peter Brandt. The cryptocurrency market is the most parabolically performing asset class he’s ever seen. Then, we see 2 interview clips by reporter Laura Shin. First she interviews Michael Saylor, who is an asset manager and Bitcoin bull. She asks if he intends to ever sell his Bitcoin and “take profits,” but Saylor rebukes her, saying that fiat currency loses value every day.

Next, we see a clip of Shin interviewing Miami mayor Francis Suarez. Shin raises the concern that Bitcoin mining requires costly amounts of energy and leads to climate change. Suarez answers that most mining happens outside the U.S., in countries with poor energy policies. Suarez wants more mining to happen in the U.S., particularly in Miami because of its nuclear power plants. Miami has made news with its plans to accept Bitcoin as payment for city taxes, and moving part of its treasury into Bitcoin.

7 Options When You Can’t Avoid A Narcissist

7 Options When You Can’t Avoid A Narcissist

In this video by Surviving Narcissism, Dr. Les Carter gives us 7 options for when you can’t avoid a narcissist. You may be in a situation where you can’t completely leave an abusive relationship, whether you’re family, or if you work together, or you share the same social circle and leaving the narcissist means leaving other people you love.

  1. Stop wishing for a better relationship: You don’t really have a relationship with a narcissist, and they’re not going to improve.
  2. Learn to stay functional: Learn what your bare minimum responsibilities are to the narcissist, and don’t spend more energy than that.
  3. Unhook emotionally: Realize the narcissist’s cruelty is not a reflection on you, but on them. Don’t take it personally.
  4. Monitor your anger reactions: Narcissists take pleasure in your anger. Take your emotions out of the “relationship,” and they will lose interest in abusing you.
  5. Drop your instinct to defend: This doesn’t mean you don’t stand up for yourself, but you should deny them the pleasure of arguing and emotional strife.
  6. Refrain from personal sharing: Personal information is leverage to a narcissist. Minimize sharing it.
  7. Stop trying to interpret the narcissist’s behavior: This just feeds their ego more, and the attention is not reciprocated in a healthy way.

These practices are part of the “Gray Rock” method of dealing with narcissists. Your goal should be to disengage emotionally. It helps to learn and manage your emotional triggers, something that a therapist or life coach can help with.

Cancel Culture Exposed: Message To Japanese Artists Gives Signs Of Far Left Mob Tactics

Cancel Culture Exposed: Message To Japanese Artists Gives Signs Of Far Left Mob Tactics

This YouTube video by Clownfish TV reports on a viral Twitter post alerting Japanese manga and fan artists to Western “cancel culture.” The post is written in both Japanese and English, and is a response to a rash of weird criticisms of Japanese art. This is helpful not just to the Japanese, but to anyone trying to navigate the modern cultural landscape.

After a brief correction stating that the creator of the post is not Japanese, the video begins by reviewing Twitter’s political correctness going too far. The post begins:

“ATTENTION, JAPANESE ARTISTS! Are you currently being, or have you ever been harassed by multiple accounts on Twitter because of one of your works?

“We understand that in recent days, many users on Twitter have decided to target Japanese artists for several reasons. A character’s skin tone. A character’s outfit, or bust size, or clothing. What often follows is a massive amount of negative comments, urging you to change or remove your artwork from the platform.

“You have not done anything wrong by posting your artwork. Your creative vision has merely attracted the attention of some bad actors on this platform, who will seek to silence you because your creative vision does not agree with their standards.”

The post then describes the profiles of Twitter users who commit these attacks. They are often younger than 18; have “BLM,” “ACAB,” or other far left slogans in their bios; explicit gender pronouns; various far left emojis, including the Communist hammer and sickle; alternative lifestyle choices; alternative gender identification; etc.

The post continues:

“You may ignore any criticism from these accounts. These should be considered warning signs that the user you are dealing with is either a person under the age of 18, a person lacking in mental stability, or a person otherwise lacking in mental maturity. All of said users have one goal in common. They are here to push an agenda. They wish to silence you, to suppress your ability to present your artwork, because it does not fit with their ever-fluid standards.”

“You are likely being singled out as a potential victim of ‘cancel culture,’ which is a mob tactic of shaming any form of expression that does not fit an established set of criteria that is admittedly Western and very Socialist. As a result of exposure to ongoing propaganda campaigns, said instigators will be young, will not be Japanese, will have no understanding of Japanese culture, and will not be exposed to the cultural norms of mangaka or Japanese social norms.”

“Understand this. These people DO NOT represent the majority of Western culture. Most of Western culture consider these people to be immature, obnoxious, and otherwise racist against Japanese creators. These people DO NOT represent the dominating mindset of Western views on Japanese artwork. They are children, who are seeking a purpose, and acting as they have been indoctrinated in their twisted and malformed view of globalized equality.”

Clownfish TV and other channels have criticized Twitter in the past. It appears to be the root source of cancel culture, because the Establishment Media and many corporations pay so much attention to it. Therefore, the loudest and most manipulative voices on the platform get their way. Too many Western entertainment companies, sports organizations, and institutions, have given leftist Twitter mobs credibility. Western grassroots are waking up to the psychological and organizational abuse of the elites, and warning whomever they can.