Month: March 2021

25 Minute Yoga Workout

In this YouTube video by Yoga With Tim, we are guided in a 25 minute yoga workout meant to detox the body and improve the nervous system. The instructor Tim Sinesi provides variations of the exercises to match one’s skill level. If you haven’t practiced yoga before, or haven’t for many months like me, this is an easy workout to get into.

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Beginner’s Guide To Handguns Part 1: How A Handgun Works

In this YouTube video by Guns & Accessories, the host presents the basics of how a handgun works. There are many types of guns and ammunition. The host explains how ammunition is classified by its diameter size, whether in the Standard or Metric systems. Then he carefully demonstrates how a standard gun operates while not firing with it.

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Bitcoin News: Explosive Growth In April?

It’s time for another cryptocurrency update as we listen to this video by Crypto Zombie. The host K-Dub predicts the month of April will be explosive for the value of Bitcoin. Historically, March is a bearish period for Bitcoin, but this year we have seen a general bull trend with mostly sideways consolidation.

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7 Options When You Can’t Avoid A Narcissist

In this video by Surviving Narcissism, Dr. Les Carter gives us 7 options for when you can’t avoid a narcissist. You may be in a situation where you can’t completely leave an abusive relationship, whether you’re family, or if you work together, or you share the same social circle and leaving the narcissist means leaving other people you love.

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