Month: February 2021

Emotional Triggers: How To Confront Abuse And Corruption

In previous posts, I discussed how to expose narcissistic abuse and how shame and trauma keep us in bad habits. In this post, I’ll share how to respond rationally to abuse and corruption by understanding our emotional triggers. This will be very important during the 2nd impeachment trial of President Trump. Accusations will flow, and social media will be a hellscape.

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How To Break Bad Habits: The Effects Of Shame On The Brain

Shame is a self-conscious emotion linked to negative evaluation of oneself. It is linked to trauma, and is at the root of several bad habits and addictions. In this YouTube video by Showup365, we learn how different parts of the brain react to trauma. Our higher critical thinking skills are blocked by trauma and shame, so humans need time to recover in order to make progress in their lives.

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Where To Buy Physical Silver, And Other Assets

In my previous post about the supposed silver short squeeze, I mentioned it’s better to buy physical silver than silver stocks or “paper” silver. If you’re investing on an online trading app, do not buy into the SLV stocks; PSLV is preferable. Even better, you should buy from one of the trusts or sellers on this list. Silver, gold, and Bitcoin are stores of value and a hedge against the inflation of fiat currency.

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Silver Short Squeeze: Is It Real, Is It A Pump And Dump, Or Something Else?

The Gamestop stock short squeeze, along with other “meme stocks,” has led to talk about a short squeeze on silver. It’s true that silver is highly undervalued, but there’s no agreement whether there will be a mass buy-in of it like what we saw last week. Plenty of posters on the WallStreetBets subReddit say the ones hyping up silver are the very same hedge funds who lost their shirts on the meme stock shorts. In other words, another example of Wall Street manipulation. Whether the Reddit crowd is going after silver or not, it’s a good idea to own some in any case.

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Food Preservation: How To Ferment Food

In this YouTube video by Off Grid With Doug & Stacy, the hosts and their guest teach a simple, traditional method to preserve food without electricity. Fermenting is a very old technique that uses salt and water. Stacy gives us the proper measurements to avoid contamination and jar explosions (!)

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